Auphonic Leveler

Auphonic has announced the release of Auphonic Leveler, a desktop batch audio file processor for loudness management. Auphonic Leveler makes automatic adjustments to be compliant with new loudness standards (EBU R128, ATSC A/85, ITU-R BS.1770, etc.), featuring both “True Peak” limiting and an “Adaptive Leveler”, which corrects loudness variations within one file.

The unique Adaptive Leveler analyzes the content of audio files using machine learning techniques and is capable of balancing loudness variations between segments in one file:

  • Music, background and speech segments are classified
  • Loudness differences between speakers are corrected and dynamic range compression is applied
  • Music segments are processed with care: the overall loudness will be comparable to speech, but the natural dynamics are not changed as in speech segments
  • Background segments (noise, wind, breathing, silence etc.) won’t be amplified
  • Most suitable for speech or radio-like programs

This algorithm was trained with over two years of audio files from Auphonic’s web-based service and keeps learning and adapting to new data every day. This results in a totally new kind of audio app using a combination of machine learning, signal processing and big data.

Although the Auphonic Leveler algorithms are complex, they’ve designed a very minimalistic and easy to use interface: Users aren’t required to adjust many parameters, and therefore the program can be applied to large amounts of data automatically.

On the Mac, Auphonic Leveler requires OS X 10.6 or higher and runs as a 64-bit app.

Auphonic Leveler is available to individuals now via direct download for $69. If you are a business, university or other organization, a commercial license is available for $369.


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