Audiofile Engineering Triumph, Myriad, Spectre, and Loop Editor are now under the umbrella of Aurchitect Audio Software, with a plan to focus simply on those four titles. Does this mean big changes are afoot? Perhaps not, as Aurchitect was recently launched by Evan Olcott, and he’s the author of these apps. They seem to be in good hands. Evan originally formed Audiofile Engineering with partner Matthew Foust in 2004, creating their first app, Sample Manager (now Myriad). The two appear to be breaking up the band at this point.

Evan Olcott, Chief Aurchitect:

We’re really excited to push these apps forward and make them even better.

What’s next? In the near future, Aurchitect plans to ship some administrative updates and upgrade support services. The store at will be used for a little while longer while they migrate the licenses, purchases, and other information over. Because of a Mac App Store rule, they are not allowed to bring Triumph as-is over to Aurchitect. They plan to have a new version of the app available for sale soon, and for those who have already purchased Triumph on the app store, an upgrade path will be made available.

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