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What is your preferred DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)

Cubase SE
Cubase SL
Cubase SX
Digital Performer
Logic Pro
Logic Express
Pro Tools
Pro Tools LE
Total votes: 826

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Post by Jeeve » 21 Jan 2005, 02:53

You're right. I hadn't noticed the lack of Protools votes.

I guess the Protools guys aren't as "nerdy" as we are. In other words, they don't spend as much time on these types of websites, looking for new software plugs etc. They are more old school, most of them came straight from analog tape and they don't care too much about supporting their software by voting, since they are the majority (unfortunately). Protools, SSL & Neve is the world we live in.

I'm still happy to be the underdog. I get so much more done in Nuendo so much faster than in Protools, I keep stealing their gigs. I love it:)

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Post by Garzita » 21 Jan 2005, 16:48

And if anyone wondering who the heck is the lone guy using Intuem, well, that would be me... :lol:

But even I am a multi-DAW user. Live 4 is where I come up with the beats and breaks of the song, plus any weird sound/loop thrown in.

Then Intuem does the Audio recording of the bass, guitars, voice and keyboards. Believe me, the sound quality of Intuem's recordings are great.

And Tracktion takes care of the final touches like effects on the tracks or duplicating them and moving them around. No one can get close to Tracktion at that.

Finally, the audio editor, sometimes DSP Quattro or SoundStudio, maybe, if I feel like doing something different I'll finish the track with Amadeus ll.
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Post by jsepeta » 23 Jan 2005, 00:42

quicksand wrote:I don't think that there is a best DAW.

I like to use different DAWs for different projects depending on what I need done.
Hear hear! I'm the same way.

1) I prefer to record audio in ProTools LE 6.4 because I'm running a PC in the studio with my old Digi-001, and it's a great tool for getting live audio recorded without hassle. I also run ProTools LE on my Mac and my PC laptop using an Mbox; portability of audio files is key to getting my work done wherever I go. But bouncing down to stereo AIFs in real time is a drag.

2) Cubase SX 2.2 bugs the heck out of me. On the PC I'm running into timing issues, which requires a great deal of editing to get MIDI parts aligned properly. Alas, Cubase SX runs like garbage on my Mac, but it's the best way for me to run my big collection of VSTs. Cross-platform compatibility with VSTs is a big issue for me, although a little less now that I'm running the AU versions of Komplete 2.

3) Logic Pro 7 is a BEAST. I like it though. The softsynths and effects are very deep and it's what I use to generate new ideas. I may start bringing all my work into Logic/Waveburner for mastering, thanks to all the kickass effects.

4) Reason 2.5 (how come it's not on this poll?) is cool for patching together different sounds, especially now that I've downloaded a huge collection of free refills.

5) GarageBand is a blast. Just got version 2 today, and although it's somewhat aggravating in its limitations, the integrated loop browser is a feature I'd love to see implemented in other products, like

6) Acid. I've only got the version 3 lite edition, but I bought a ton of Acid collections and having such a wide variety of loops (50+ Acid and all 4 Jam Packs) has improved my ability to sketch out various ideas when scoring commercials and independent films... and it also helps when building beats for my own compositions. I've tried pulling acid loops into Cubase SX at the studio (I dumped all the collections to a secondary hard disk to make them easy to browse), but who has time to manage the audio pool?
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Post by iShawn » 24 Jan 2005, 18:20

After I get used to the free Cubase LE software that came with my Firepod, and understand this whole Digital Audio Workstation stuff... I hope to move on to the big boy Logic. Hopefully by then there won't be too may problems with new versions coming out. But that could be a while. Hell... all I need to record is software... so I'll just use Cubase in the meantime. However I'd love to harness the Apple-power of Logic.

BTW: Do you think having great knowledge over DAW (specific kinds - PT, Logic, Cubase, etc.) could get me an easy "on the side" job at recording studios? How do you apple for that kind of stuff?

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Post by famous white » 25 Jan 2005, 14:10

i have been enjoying Live more and more with every use.

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Post by unknown artist » 28 Jan 2005, 00:16

heh .. I started out with Intuem.

Me? Logic cat all the way, but that isn't gonna get me engineering work. Sure, I work for a company that does projects every now and again, but for steady work, people tend to hire certified "Pro Toolians"

So I'm going to get Pro Tools certified, even though I love Logic so much.

whoever said the comment about Pro Tools users I think is right...old school users straight from analog tape.

I think Pro Tools may be more intuitive when doing live recordings and Logic in midi/DA. If you visit a real studio and do a live recording, it's always gonna be a Pro Tools HD rig. Plus the Waves plug-in's are world class.
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Post by Ataru » 29 Jan 2005, 10:50

how do I change my vote to Logic Pro?

i voted on this many months ago.
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Post by iShawn » 29 Jan 2005, 11:00

Ataru wrote:how do I change my vote to Logic Pro?

i voted on this many months ago.
Changing votes in PHPBB requires Administrator or Moderator access... if I were you I wouldn't worry about it. Someone will vote in your favor.

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Post by bennyp » 26 Feb 2005, 20:26

you forgot Jack and Ardour =)
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Post by kanker » 26 Feb 2005, 20:45

Ataru wrote:how do I change my vote to Logic Pro?

i voted on this many months ago.
Do you think LP really needs another vote. :wink:
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Post by Yoshimi GumbyFade Supreme » 31 Mar 2005, 06:06

I use Live and Logic Express
some stuff

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Post by Ernest828 » 07 Apr 2005, 12:20

Its taken me almost 4 years to get really comfortable with Digital Performer. Though I have often considered Logic as another platform, I have heard it is very difficult to get used to.

So I have lots of time invested with DP, maybe one of these days when I really need to shake things up I`ll try Logic.

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Post by frigante » 14 Apr 2005, 11:08

I've been a Digital Performer user since '99.

I learned DP, ProTools and Deck II in audio engineering school (way back in '98 ) and when I got my first "real" mac a year later, I tried Cubase and Logic but none of them compared to DP's amazing built in functionality. Specifically the spectral effects, seamless VI integration (thanks to ReWire) and amazing built-in plugins really did it for me.

Anyway, this is my first post on this message board - I've been poking around and there's some great info here. Glad I found it.

I recently bought a used G4 533 (was using an XLR8 G3 upgraded 7600 before that) and was blown away that my Echo Layla 20 bit interface worked flawlessly with OSX 10.3.8 ...
BTW: Do you think having great knowledge over DAW (specific kinds - PT, Logic, Cubase, etc.) could get me an easy "on the side" job at recording studios? How do you apple for that kind of stuff?
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Post by midilance2k » 04 May 2005, 20:21

Digital Performer
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Post by LOFA » 05 May 2005, 23:01

I spent the last 6 months with Logic pro 7 and Live 4. I finally got to the point today, after testing out all the goods in the 7.1 upgrade and after a week of testing it on Tiger, where I am making music as effortless and deep as I can in live.

Live 4 is so beautiful. Just beautiful. It is so intuitive, and easy to, yet more importantly, is reliable, capable, and follows a language of thought that is intuitive and addictive to think in.

Logic has this potential, but version 7/7.1, the only versions I know, are too inconsistant with their crashes and midi drop-outs. It's also a cross between the Hellraiser cube and A Borges novel to think in (cool.. but whoa...)

I see both of these two babys as the horse to put your money on. I see Live taking on more of the quality and flexability of Logic, and I see Logic taking on the stablity, ease of use, and reliability of Live, Though it is very hard for me two ever imagine Logic as the performance tool Live, this is a question about DAW's (not just overall,) and thus I find the question more difficult than I did at first.

Ultimately I hope the two evolve to work better as a rewire pair. I LOVE composing in Logic. I am much happier recording in Live. As far as mixing is concerned, I play foosball between the two of them. Together they are my favorite app, but since apple took all my money, I give my vote to the brilliant Mofo's at Ableton.

Speaking of all my money being gone, can we please get some melodyne action in one of these apps? C'mon...

Of course the apps are really only what you bring to them, so perhaps I should change my vote to MAX. While I still pee my pants instead of pressing "PAY NOW," about twice a month, one could theoretically build anything they would ever need with this beast.

Nah. I like Live for the same reason I choose Mets over Yanks. Underdog vs. thunderous corporate money. But if your in New York and you want to catch a game...
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