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Post by dennischristopher » 09 Jun 2006, 16:26


list of keystrokes is in the live manual included with the program, which you can access via the help menu in Live... Ther you have "Read Live Manual" and near the end is a section where you can find the keystrokes!

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Mapping DTXPLORER MIDI using GarageBand

Post by eriklan7 » 20 Jul 2006, 13:01

Here is the (hopefully) definitive guide for getting a Yamaha DTXPLORER (a.k.a. DT-Explorer, DTXPL) electronic drum set to connect to Apple's GarageBand via MIDI.

SYMPTOM: When connecting DTXPLORER to GarageBand using MIDI, the snare drum is silent and the bass drum triggers a sort of snare roll instead of a bass hit.

PROBLEM: The DTXPLORER (for whatever reason) sends out the snare note on G2 (key 31) and the kick note on A2 (key 33). This is a non-standard MIDI key mapping for these instruments.

SOLUTION: Remap the snare and kick MIDI notes using the freeware app MidiPipe from SubtleSoft (http://homepage.mac.com/nicowald/SubtleSoft/) to the standard GarageBand MIDI keys using the following steps:

(Note: These settings were tested using GarageBand 3.0.2 and MidiPipe 1.4.1.)

1. Connect your DTXPLORER via MIDI to GarageBand and verify that GarageBand can record the drum sounds.
2. Close GarageBand.
3. Launch MidiPipe. You will create a Pipe that looks like this:

Midi In
Key Mapper
Key Mapper
Midi Out

Do so by dragging the appropriate components from the Tools column to the Pipes column in the appropriate order.
4. Once you've assembled the pipe (with the components in the correct order listed above), configure the settings as follows:

Midi In:
- Midi Input: (Your USB or FireWire MIDI device)
- Options: check "hijack"
Key Mapper (kick drum):
- Key In: A2 (33)
- Key Out: C3 (36)
- Options: UNcheck "Solo selected "Key In""
Key Mapper (snare drum):
- Key In: G2 (31)
- Key Out: D3 (38)
- Options: UNcheck "Solo selected "Key In""
Midi Out:
- MIDI Output: MidiPipe Output 1
- Options: UNcheck "Pass Through" and UNcheck "Use Note Off Velocity"

5. Choose File: Save As and save your pipe to a memorable location. You will need to retrieve this file every time you wish to record your drum set using GarageBand.

6. Relaunch GarageBand and attempt to record your drum set. The snare and the bass drum should now be mapped correctly!

Note: If you have having difficulties with the pipe and would like to verify that the key mapping is taking effect, add a "Keyboard" component to the pipe after the "Key Mapper"s. That will give you a visual representation of which key is being triggered for each drum pad.

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Post by nicowald » 22 Jul 2006, 06:03

eriklan7: comment to step 4: one Key Mapper tool can map all incoming keys to different keys, so you could map kick drum and snare drum within one Key Mapper tool
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TRansforming Sysex with Midi Pipe

Post by tek_uk » 23 Jul 2006, 02:39

Hi All,

I just joined this forum so hope this is the right place for this question....
I have a hardware controller (A Roland VE 7000 controller for VM/VS mixers) which I'd like to use in conjunction with LC Xmu to emulate a Logic control. Now, LC Xmu only understands Note messages so I need to transform the sysex messages before it reaches LC Xmu.
1. Is MidiPipe the right tool for this?
2. I know very little about Sysex so would need some help to get started.
The VE manual gives me indicatioins like this:
Upper byte:00H
Middle byte:00H
Lower Byte: 00H
Controller type: Button
Controller: Preamp edit button

I have these four types of info for each physical control on the device.
In addition, it says that each control transmits:
01H when pressed and 02H when released.

How would I go about transforming these into note events?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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Post by nicowald » 24 Jul 2006, 22:14

tek_uk: the Message Factory tool in MidiPipe should be able to transform your Sysex messages into Note messages
first you need to know exactly what the VE is sending - write down the message byte by byte
0xF0 0xFF 0x01 - for button down
0xF0 0xFF 0x00 - for button up

To convert this into Note message do as follows:
- place a "Midi In" tool into the pipe (choose your MIDI source)
- place a "Message Factory" tool into the pipe
- in "Message Factory" switch to the Trigger/Systen Message view
- select "System Message" as trigger with 1st=0xF0 and 2nd=0xFF
- switch to Message view
- hit the "+" button
- select "Status Byte" with value=0x90 (Note On on channel 1)
- hit the "+" button
- select "Data Byte" with value=0x00 (for Note value)
- hit the "+" button
- select "Trigger Message Byte" use byte #3 (velocity)
- place a "Midi Out" tool into the pipe (choose your MIDI destination)

This creates a Note On when the button is down and a Note Off (velocity zero) when the button is released

Hope this gets you started.

Regards, Nico
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Post by tek_uk » 25 Jul 2006, 14:53

Ok, appologies if this is basic stuff...
I understand that Roland sysex messages begin with F0 and end with F7
So, I guess a sysex string would be F0 the syssex message F7
Should I enter F0 and F7 in 1st and 4th in the trigger part of the message factory?
Also, lookinat the sysex message captured in Midi Monitor I get:
00 F0 41 7F 00 36 12 00 00 00 01 7F F7

So is my sysex message: 41 7F 00 36 12 00 00 00 01 7F then???
Getting really confused now. I sort of understand how hexdecimals work but still...
I really can't relate this to the Midi impementation described in the manual (posted above)
Sorry again if this is basic... :-(

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Post by dstephenson » 17 Aug 2006, 12:56

Is there any hope of asking for a VST pipe in/out?

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Post by dennischristopher » 19 Aug 2006, 16:26

Hi Guys,

where can I find more information about the plugin feature?!

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A6 to Albino Converter

Post by cannabis » 21 Aug 2006, 16:43

Hi Nico,

Thanks for the kickass app. You are da man, but it is not working for me yet, not at last due to my lack of in depth knowledge.
I am trying to use the knobs of my Andromeda A6 to control my fav softsynth Albino3. I learned that A6 is sending NRPN message out, which has higher rez than normal CC, and this causes the Albino knobs to turn like crazy. Could you tell me a step by step midipipe setup to get A6 knobs control the Albino's parameters.
A6 has quite a lot knobs as Albino3 does. it would be great to get this work.
Do I have to do any settings in Logic as well?

Thanks alot


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Post by nicowald » 23 Aug 2006, 09:02

- the sysex message is "F0 41 7F 00 36 12 00 00 00 01 7F F7";
- in message factory you can enter up to four bytes of a system message: "F0", "41", "7F", "00";
- don't forget to select the check box left of the 1st byte;

- I have no plans for that, but maybe someone creates a plugin tool for that

- "MidiPipePluginExample" is all there is right now :-(

- what you need to know about NRPN http://www.philrees.co.uk/nrpnq.htm
- so what you want to do is convert NRPN to CC:
1) add a "Midi In" tool to the pipe, select your A6 as MIDI source
2) add a "Message Converter" tool to the pipe, select NRPN as input (choose correct MSB and LSB) and CC as output (select the CC# you want)
3) add a "Midi Out" tool to the pipe, select "MidiPipe Output 1"
4) in your softsynth select "MidiPipe Output 1" as MIDI source

Hope this helps.

Regards, Nico
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Post by cannabis » 23 Aug 2006, 12:13

Thanks Nico,
But I'm still not there. Here is what I've done so far:

- Created a Pipe
- added "Midi In", chose Port 1 of my AMT8 interface, where A6 is conncected to.
-Added 127 "Message Converter". One for each midi message.
-chose for every NRPN control no. a corresponding RPN control no.
-Set both ranges of NRPN and RPN from 0-127
-Added "Midi Out output 1"
In Logic I got the A6 midi port set to "Midi pipe out 1".

You said "in your softsynth select "MidiPipe Output 1" as MIDI source".

The audio instrument track or soft synth itself doesn't give me the option to set the midi source. I just can choose the midi channel 1-16, nothing els.

Do I still have to configure the A6 as control surface in Logic, using the "Learn function"?

Do I have to check any of the boxes in the option section of Message Converter"?

In the case you are familiar with Logic, is there any certain setting to be used in the controller assignment window?

Sorry for too many questions.....

mr edit
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remapping midi controllers on tascam 2400 control sufaace

Post by mr edit » 25 Aug 2006, 13:54

Hello all, first post here, and thank you nico for the great software.

I have just bought a tascam 2400 controller and hooked it up to my protools HD rig. it is a very nice peice of kit - and does a pretty good job of controlling 'tools in HUI emulation mode.

However - it does not have access to plug in parameters, and I am currently working to see if I can do something about this.

What it does have is a way to switch the bank of rotary knobs to act as midi controllers 0 to 23. Thies assignments are fixed in firmware on the controller.

I have so far successfully configured a pipe to re route and re assign these controllers to any other of my choosing and have proven that the data is getting to where it needs to be within tools. So far so good...

It seems the HUI spec means 'tools is expecting rotary controllers sending repeated on or off messages, depending on which way the knob is turned - whereas the tascam knobs send the position of the knob - range 0-127.

Is it possible to make the traslation within midi pipe such that this knob position data is converted to a fixed number depending on which way it is being turned?

If not - might it be possible to add this as a feature?

I'd also like to find a way of altering a button such that is latches instead of needing to be held down - is this possible with an applescript trigger by any chance? (unfortunately I dont do applescript - though I hope to find the time to learn).

If I manage to do the controller conversion thing - my last step to being able to control plugins would be getting hold of the HUI midi spec - so I can figure where to map the controllers - failing that a lot of trial and error...

Whilst I am quite technically minded, my experience with midi is thus far limited - so I'd be grateful for any advice.

many thanks

Mr Edit
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Patch change crashes MidiPipe 1.4.1

Post by PlusPlus » 02 Sep 2006, 01:49

When I do a patch change from my Triton Studio 61, MidiPipe stops processing data until restarted. Anyone else have this problem?

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Post by parma » 23 Sep 2006, 02:36

new to the concept of NRPNs and need some help

so, I have a Micron and would like to setup MidiPipe so that I can use my Oxygen8's controller knobs to change parameters on the Micron. I know that the Oxygen 8 transmits CC info and the Micron only accepts NRPN values, but I have no idea how to translate CC into NRPN. I see that there is a Message Converter, but I really don't know what I'm doing in trying to set it up.

I set my MIDI in as the Oxygen 8 and the out as the Micron. I chose the Mod Wheel as the IN controller, but I have no idea how to convert the Mod Wheel cc data into NRPN.

I downloaded a list of the NRPN numbers assigned to the parameters of the micron. For instance, it lists the Filter Frequency parameter as having the NRPN number 44. How do i get the Mod Wheel to transmit NRPN 44?

I hope this makes sense to someone because I'm totally lost here :(
So it goes.

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Post by Danythedog » 17 Oct 2006, 14:25

HI NICO, I 've been searching above but didn't find anything about it, so excuse me if this has already been answered, I would like to know if MIDIPIPE is available for Macintel, and if not, when do you plan to do it cause your soft is simply fantastic !

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