How many sequencers do you use?

Audio, MIDI and other software, not including effects or instruments

How many sequencers do you use on a regular basis?

Six or more
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Post by Lampmeister » 27 Dec 2004, 08:51

Cubase SL, Tracktion and Reason. I find all of them pretty quick to use and none have what I think is a really steep learning curve - especially Tracktion.


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Post by PaulSC » 27 Dec 2004, 08:57

I counted ONE, Logic Pro 6 -- I use it maybe once a week at this point, but I'm ramping up for a project where I'll be using it daily.

The other vaguely sequencer-like software I use is Sibelius (daily) and OpenMusic (daily). Plus step sequencers built into TERA and iDrum. But I didn't think any of these should count towards my total.
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Post by sKnob » 27 Dec 2004, 09:28

Reason 2.5 as quick and dirty scratchpad (and for its CPU-efficiency: I don't have to quit whatever else I am doing if inspiration strikes).

DP as soon as I need multiple time signatures or tempo variations within a piece, which is often. If Reason could handle these, I'd probably use it considerabley more.


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Post by Joxer the Mighty » 28 Dec 2004, 16:39

Logic 7 and Live 4 on the mac. FLS 5 on my pc laptop.

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Post by besnard » 28 Dec 2004, 17:14

LP7 and Live 4 here. Live for doesn't see much action except to test loops at tempo.

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Post by MiamiMusicMan » 28 Dec 2004, 17:57

I'm a die hard Emapple fan! So for me it would be Logic Pro 7 running with Live 4 via rewire. Also since Logic doesn't (Yet) support RTAS I sometimes work in ProTools. I own reason and DP but neither gets any use. SX 3 could be working its way into my rig. If I could use SX3 with an O2R and a MOTIF ES with super tight integration I might consider giving it a try. The Yamaha buy out could end up being good news for a lot of us. But the end of the day I’m always looking at Logic. :D
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Post by deep » 30 Dec 2004, 01:25

Logic 7 and Logic 7 only for me 8)

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Post by Kubi » 30 Dec 2004, 07:02

DP 4.51

Used DP for well over a decade now. Honestly, wouldn't dream of using more than one sequencer, since I'm *maybe* using 50% of what this one can do... if I had to keep up with one more sequencer, I'd have no time to work on music.

I do use Finale, but I don't count that as a sequencer, especially the way I use it: it's strictly for publishing.

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Post by DavidRavenMoon » 30 Dec 2004, 07:43

Cubase SX... still at version 1.06 for me at the moment.... :?

I just installed Tracktion, so I will be trying that out soon.
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Post by filarion » 30 Dec 2004, 08:00

LIve and Logic Pro 6 (switching to 7 next month). Live 4 maybe 80% of the time, only complex midi stuff and scoring in Logic. Might tip in favour of Logic 7 again though.
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Post by EatMyShorts » 30 Dec 2004, 08:35

Logic 7.

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Post by gdoubleyou » 31 Dec 2004, 10:01

Logic Express7, DP4.12, and Garage Band as a sketch pad.


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Post by Big Daddy » 31 Dec 2004, 12:30

4 in total.

Regularly Use DP 4.5, Reason 2.5, Logic Express 7 and lastly Tracktion (pretty much in that order).

For composing, it's DP w/Reason or Reason alone if it's not going to require real instruments or vocals. I'm liking Logic Express more an more and it's included instruments offer me more options (with Reason as well), but I find I don't work as fast or seamlessly as I do in DP (likely because I know DP better). Tracktion was installed mainly because it was free and offered a different approach to sequencing. Not a bad program, but still getting my brain around it's quirky ways.

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Post by frackyfreak » 31 Dec 2004, 12:35


i'm the only one using 6 or more sequencers?!?

:-D :twisted: :-P
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Post by roman » 08 Jan 2005, 10:01

i dont believe those who were voting for "i use more than 6 sequencers
on a regulaar basis".
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