Remapping Midi Drum sounds

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Remapping Midi Drum sounds

Postby TheHamburgler » Mon, 14 Aug 2006 3:31 am

Hi, I have stumbled upon this forum while trying to figure out a problem I’ve been having when trying to record a friends electronic drum kit, a ddrum 4SE, in Garageband.

The midi drums do not output the standard midi mappings. I can't remember the exact order but its something like the snare hit will send a midi note equal to a ride cymbal or something similar. It is possible to record this and then manually change the notes but changing every hit is time consuming and I’d rather find a permanent solution to this.

Ok so a bit (A LOT!) of googling and I found the MIDIPIPE software that’s looks like it could do the job... If I work out what midi notes are sent by the drum kit, pipe the kits output into midpipe and map each note to the corresponding "standard" note. I should be able to connect the midipipe's output to Garageband and the kit should be standardised when playing live! no?

I wont have a chance to test this with the kit for a few weeks so I just wanted to know if I was going down the right path? ? ?

Any help would be gratefully appreciated, apologies if this has been asked before.

Hamburger out.

...oh and on another note. Why the Hell design a midi kit and decide to make you're own bloody midi mappings!!! bah ddrum
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Postby TheHamburgler » Mon, 14 Aug 2006 3:34 am

arrrgh... sorry about that looks like this problem has already been delt with in the MidiPipe FAQ :oops:

Here is the (hopefully) definitive guide for getting a Yamaha DTXPLORER (a.k.a. DT-Explorer, DTXPL) electronic drum set to connect to Apple's GarageBand via MIDI.

SYMPTOM: When connecting DTXPLORER to GarageBand using MIDI, the snare drum is silent and the bass drum triggers a sort of snare roll instead of a bass hit.

PROBLEM: The DTXPLORER (for whatever reason) sends out the snare note on G2 (key 31) and the kick note on A2 (key 33). This is a non-standard MIDI key mapping for these instruments.

SOLUTION: Remap the snare and kick MIDI notes using the freeware app MidiPipe from SubtleSoft ( to the standard GarageBand MIDI keys using the following steps:

(Note: These settings were tested using GarageBand 3.0.2 and MidiPipe 1.4.1.)

1. Connect your DTXPLORER via MIDI to GarageBand and verify that GarageBand can record the drum sounds.
2. Close GarageBand.
3. Launch MidiPipe. You will create a Pipe that looks like this:

Midi In
Key Mapper
Key Mapper
Midi Out

Do so by dragging the appropriate components from the Tools column to the Pipes column in the appropriate order.
4. Once you've assembled the pipe (with the components in the correct order listed above), configure the settings as follows:

Midi In:
- Midi Input: (Your USB or FireWire MIDI device)
- Options: check "hijack"
Key Mapper (kick drum):
- Key In: A2 (33)
- Key Out: C3 (36)
- Options: UNcheck "Solo selected "Key In""
Key Mapper (snare drum):
- Key In: G2 (31)
- Key Out: D3 (38)
- Options: UNcheck "Solo selected "Key In""
Midi Out:
- MIDI Output: MidiPipe Output 1
- Options: UNcheck "Pass Through" and UNcheck "Use Note Off Velocity"

5. Choose File: Save As and save your pipe to a memorable location. You will need to retrieve this file every time you wish to record your drum set using GarageBand.

6. Relaunch GarageBand and attempt to record your drum set. The snare and the bass drum should now be mapped correctly!

Note: If you have having difficulties with the pipe and would like to verify that the key mapping is taking effect, add a "Keyboard" component to the pipe after the "Key Mapper"s. That will give you a visual representation of which key is being triggered for each drum pad.
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Help with Garageband and Midipipe

Postby » Fri, 04 Jan 2008 12:47 pm

I am using Garageband2, an Ion IMD01 drum kit and an iBook G4 1.33GHz
with OSX Tiger 10.4.10
All the drum pads have the correct MIDI output I need to use the Garageband Drumkits except for 1. It is outputting F3 which is a "high Timbale" in the rock kit and I would like to have it output G2 "splash"
I setup a pipe as described above but with only one key mapper since I only needed to change one and I can't seem to get it to work.
I added the keyboard as suggested and can verify the key mapping is NOT taking effect.
Any Ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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Re: Remapping Midi Drum sounds

Postby acedrummer57 » Thu, 13 May 2010 3:54 pm

What do you use as middle C because sometimes this works for me and other times it doesn't work. Any help?
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