SoundTrack Pro VRAM?

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SoundTrack Pro VRAM?

Post by macmidi21 » 23 Aug 2009, 11:40

I guess it's been awhile since I've used STP.

I get this odd pop-up I'd never seen before:
Your system does not meet the minimum requirements:
Soundtrack requires 64Mb of virtual ram, you currently have 32Mb.

I've got 2Gb of RAM.

Anyone else seen this? How do you increase VRAM in OSX?
I haven't had to do that since OS9.


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Re: SoundTrack Pro VRAM?

Post by spitfire31 » 26 Aug 2009, 13:50

Maybe there's a mix-up of terms here.

VRAM is short for Video RAM – i.e. RAM dedicated to the graphics card.

'Virtual' RAM in puny chunks of MB doesn't make sense – virtual RAM is when the system uses hard disk space as an extension to RAM.

Are you sure the alert said "virtual RAM" and not VRAM? 'Cause if it said VRAM, your video card may not have enough onboard dedicated RAM (=VRAM) to make STP happy.

And you can't allocate VRAM - VRAM is hardwired on the graphics card. The details in the hardware section of About this Mac under the Apple menu (Graphics/Display) should tell you how much VRAM your card has on board.


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Re: SoundTrack Pro VRAM?

Post by macmidi21 » 26 Aug 2009, 15:04

Thanks for the reply.

It said virtual ram, I was just using an acronym to restate it. But yeah, VRAM is different.

I ticked the 'never show this message again' box as STP runs fine regardless of the pop-up warning.
Just thought it odd as I've never seen that msg before.

And by msg I mean, "message" and not, "monosodium glutamate". :hehe:

You know I kid.

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Re: SoundTrack Pro VRAM?

Post by G » 26 Aug 2009, 15:08

How much free space do you have on your main drive? Were you running any other large apps at the same time? Does msg really make food taste better?
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