OS X Voiceover Utility

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OS X Voiceover Utility

Post by cfmsp » 04 Sep 2009, 20:14


I"m doing research for a friend who is blind. He'd like to use the OS X Voiceover utility, which provides audio indications of what's available on the computer screen, with respect to computer interaction. It's a pretty simple app - part of the Universal Access system preferences.

He's also an audiophile, and a PC user - yeah, I know, it's a bad combination. :) He'd love to switch to Mac to improve his audio capabilities, but is reluctant to do so as the PC based 'universal access' tools are better, surprisingly.

Here's the problem I've been asked to help out with - and for which I cannot seem to find a decent solution. He'd like to route the 'Voiceover' audio to one device (say, internal speakers), while SIMULTANEOUSLY routing the music from iTunes to his audio device (a DAC connected via Firewire to the computer). IOW, he doesn't want to hear voiceover commands coming from the same speakers as his music. I've tried it, and it's pretty distracting.

I've looked at JACK, Soundflower, Soundsource and Audio Hijack Pro, and cant find a way to route audio to separate devices.

Voiceover audio is NOT considered a system alert, which would be the ideal solution in this instance, so it doesn't help to direct system alerts to internal speakers while directing iTunes to the Firewire DAC.

If anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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Re: OS X Voiceover Utility

Post by webmob » 09 Sep 2009, 04:04

take a look at the "audio-midi-setup" aplication. it's in the utility program folder.
Try to change the standart and system output.
and in the daw select the firewire solution.
hope this will help.
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