No audio import in Quicktime 10

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No audio import in Quicktime 10

Post by mmoston » 22 Sep 2009, 13:20

I found out today that I cannot select, copy and paste audio into Quicktime movies with the new QT 10 player bundled with OS 10.6, even though I own QT Pro. The workaround is to reinstall QT7 and perform the operation in that program.
Why did Apple do away with this very useful feature in the new QT player? As someone who writes music for film and theater, I had to use this feature all the time in presenting my work to clients. Taking this feature away alienates a lot of creative professionals, Apple's oldest and most die-hard group of customers, and should be seen as a step backward.
Please bring this feature back!
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Re: No audio import in Quicktime 10

Post by buddhabelly » 22 Sep 2009, 15:52

Read this about Quicktime X. Then check out the other 25 pages of the review.

You have found the only work around at this time.
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