Kontakt trouble - Taiko library

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Kontakt trouble - Taiko library

Post by LOKi » 25 Sep 2009, 09:17

I'm having trouble trying to get Sibelius to play the various channels of a Kontakt multi and I was hoping someone here might be able to help. (versions, Kontakt 3.5 ...Sib 5.2.5)

I have the 9volt Taiko library (the Sean Beeson one) and I cant seem to get Sibelius to play nice... I've loaded 6 instruments into Kontakt (Taiko A ALL, Taiko B ALL, Taiko C ALL... etc) and they're all set to individual MIDI channels, just like Kontakt does automatically.

I've set up a new instrument - one staff line set to C3 with D3 in the space above the line plus crossed noteheads on and above the line mapped to C#3 and D#3 for shell hits and stick hits -this is to match the mapping of the Kontakt instruments.

Manual soundsets is on ...with six channels (the number of drums I'm scoring for) and when i skip through these channels on the manual soundset page and hit the test button, I can clearly hear the different drums loaded into the various slots. (EDIT: should probably clarify that I'm trying to use six staves... each addressing a single slot in Kontakt...)

The problems I'm having are...

1. A simple treble clef staff, playing middle C and the D directly above will play back the drums... but only from the first MIDI channel (or slot 1) ...if I change the slot for any staff in the mixer window, it still just plays back the sound of the first drum. This happens on every staff. I only hear the one drum sound.

2. My instrument edit doesn't work at all... no matter where I place my notes above or below the single line staff, I get no playback at all. Only a default full 5 line staff seems to have any playback.

I've saved and reloaded my playback config and I've clicked just about everything else that seems relevant to try and get this working with no luck...

I even read the truckin' manual

?? maybe Ive just missed something really obvious... but I'm at a loss nonetheless.


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