Sibelius G7 making Master Rhythm sheets

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Sibelius G7 making Master Rhythm sheets

Post by shedboyxx » 02 Jan 2010, 13:16

Hi Folks first time poster here,

I just started working with G7. I'm a drummer who plays a little keys and I'm trying to created Master Rhythms for the most part for rhythm sections plus vocal or maybe a solo instrument.

I'm going through the Quick Tour in the User's Guide and I haven't found answers to a few things I'm trying to do.

Here's the approach I'd like to take:

I'd like to play chords via MIDI Keyboard controller and have them recognized, preferably as I'm inputting them. If not, Then I'd like to know how to play the chords, have G7 do it's best to recognize them and then I'll go back and change them to the chords I want them to be. It seems I have to do this one chord at a time now and have to select all the notes per chord for that to happen.

Also, I'd like to have a way to input rhythmic figures (again MIDI kbd controller) and have G7 automatically generate time or rhythm figure slashes. As it is now, I have to create a note and then change the Properties of the note to a slash and try to drag all subsequent notes to the same place on the staff. When I hand write a chart, it's a easy to put time slashes sequentially via pencil/pen and ruler in the same place on the staff. So far it's a bit more manual work in G7 and I'm hoping there's another way to do this quickly. I could also live without the issue mentioned in the former paragraph if I could just create the slashes via MIDI input and then create the chords via text and other tools.

Also, when creating these Master Rhythm charts, I will have the need to change between using a single staff and sometimes having a double stave for a section where there are horns, solo instruments or other colors and then return to a single staff. So far as I can tell, I can only choose whether the entire piece is single or double stave. Not what I would want to do. Is there a way around this?

I appreciate any helpful hints here. Also if there is a tutorial/walk through that targets this type of G7 usage, I'd love to know about it.


Jim M.

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