Limitations of Express 9 in regards to Exporting?

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Limitations of Express 9 in regards to Exporting?

Post by bstreet » 07 Jan 2010, 14:05

I purchased Logic 7 about two years ago and never learned to use the program, a huge mistake. Now I have about 10 or 15 projects on GB that I'd like to bump up a notch and am considering either the Logic Express 9 upgrade or the Studio upgrade.

My understanding is that I'll miss out on several programs (many of which I do not believe I need) and I'm wondering how that will effect my ability to bounce projects when they are complete. Can Express 9 bounce projects without the Production Utilities such as Compressor 3.5 and Waveburner 1.6? I would obviously assume that Apple wouldn't make the lower budget version incapable of exporting songs, but I've seen some confusing discussion elsewhere on the web suggesting I could run in to trouble settling for Express. A friend also has 8 and, while it might not be relative to the new Express 9, he has struggled to bounce his tunes that end up being mixed horribly not at all matching his project in Express.

Again, I never learned how to use 7 so maybe I am using the wrong terms or don't completely understand the process of exporting projects. On GB you simply go to Share and click "send to iTunes." That is simple enough, but I as far as I can tell Express could be a little less helpful?

Obviously $99 to upgrade to Express 9 is a bit better then $299 for Studio. All I need to really do is record some new tunes, remix some old ones from GB and put them on my iTunes. Thanks.

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Re: Limitations of Express 9 in regards to Exporting?

Post by Kent Sandvik » 07 Jan 2010, 16:12

You could bounce tracks in Logic Express as final product without the need to use WaveBurner. That one is nice then when you want to build a CD but you could get pretty far with iTunes for a CD, too (even if you miss meta-data and auto-fades and so forth...)

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