Alternative to Wwise

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Alternative to Wwise

Post by micken » 04 May 2012, 10:21

I was working with Audiokinetic Wwise for a little bit and loved it. But, I unfortunately do most of my editing on the run and for my laptop I use a Macbook Pro, does anyone know of a similar tool for Mac?


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Re: Alternative to Wwise

Post by Mokolai » 31 May 2012, 10:04

I was doing Game Audio curriculum development when Wwise first came on the scene and I ran into the same problem.

I wasn't able to find a Mac solution for game audio implementation before I moved on from that field.

The best I could come up with was that a PC seemed to be a mandatory tool for doing game audio implementation.

I'm a Mac guy too, so that was really frustrating, but I think it's a reality in game development.
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Re: Alternative to Wwise

Post by mattsax » 28 Jul 2013, 04:25

FMOD is brilliant and works on either Mac or PC. I use it on my Macbook Pro. FMOD Studio is soon to be available in some form as a plug-in for the latest version of Unity which is available on Mac.

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