LE 8 & MainStage 2

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LE 8 & MainStage 2

Post by macstuart » 20 May 2012, 08:10

iMac 2.5ghz 8 gig ram bought May 2012. Logic Express 8 bought in 2009. Re MainStage 2 download (in U.S. $30), has anyone tried using LE8 with MS2? I'm aware that LE9 Studio is available US download $199.
Many thanks.

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Re: LE 8 & MainStage 2

Post by gdoubleyou » 22 May 2012, 06:37

The Logic Express product has been discontinued, replaced with Logic Pro. The Logic Pro suite has been discontinued.

Mainstage, like has the Logic effects and instruments as part of the application's source code.

All they really share are presets and EXS library.

Logic and Mainstage serve different functions, most likely you wouldn't be using both at the same time.


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