No more BIAS Peak, Now what?

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Re: No more BIAS Peak, Now what?

Post by Matthew Foust » 02 Nov 2012, 08:12

Howdy all. A few things:

1) The "" crashes on launch are not in Triumph itself. Triumph uses a new API in 10.7.5 & 10.8 to query Audio Units at launch. The "helper" app crashes when it encounters Audio Units that give it bad results. Many AU developers such as NI have shipped updates to address this. More will follow. It doesn't affect the stability of Triumph.

2) Change keyboard commands in Preferences > Commands. You can save presets as well.

3) Mouse wheel preferences are coming soon. For now, Triumph defaults, in general, to Mac OS X's default behaviors for zoom/scroll with a mouse wheel.

4) You can very easily create an AppleScript or an Action that will configure your project as you like it, adding meters or Effects groups to the Master Layer or any other Layers as you desire. It is incredibly flexible this way. I think you'll find having meters as Effects is pretty useful in the long run.

5) Screencasts: a few are going up today but we're going to be running a "screencast-of-the-day" promotion via Twitter & Facebook starting next week. We'll be taking requests from users for screencasts from our Twitter followers and Facebook friends.

6) There is a lot more coming in Triumph. As always, contact us at with suggestions for improvements, features or bugs.
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Re: No more BIAS Peak, Now what?

Post by Dames » 08 Oct 2014, 05:30

Hi can I ask, re Peak:

I used it for years and then bought Peak 4 which I used for basic editing only.

But never understood how to assign and apply plug ins!!! I could see them and hear their settings but never apply them.

Crazy. I think it must be an installation thing.

So what is recommended as Peak no longer exists as such?

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Re: No more BIAS Peak, Now what?

Post by gdoubleyou » 08 Oct 2014, 09:39

As my previous post says, I use DSP-Quattro.
Works fine.

Waveburner from the Logic Pro Suite still works as 32 bit app.


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Re: No more BIAS Peak, Now what?

Post by G » 08 Oct 2014, 17:06

And I'm still using Audiofile's "Wave Editor", since what I do in a stereo editor is mostly in/out trims and sample rate conversion. I will only use iZotope's algorithms for SRC now. Since Wave Editor became Triumph, I've been trying to get accustomed to the UI, but the extra complexity and some un-editable settings are not agreeing with me. I'm very much looking forward to their Myriad app (now in beta, née Sample Manager), which may be more what I need.
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