Audio Editor Mac OSX

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Audio Editor Mac OSX

Post by PPenfold » 26 Jun 2012, 13:10

is Wavelab Elements 7 any good?, thinking of a cheaper alternative to Adobe Audition CS5, not looked at the apps store yet, apparently Wave Editor Pro?


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Re: Audio Editor Mac OSX

Post by G » 26 Jun 2012, 16:10

Since we just lost one audio editor developer, there was some discussion about this a few days ago.

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Re: Audio Editor Mac OSX

Post by gdoubleyou » 26 Jun 2012, 17:35

That just reminded me that I have CS5.5 on my machine, will have to audition Audition. :D

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Re: Audio Editor Mac OSX

Post by mattsax » 28 Jul 2013, 04:20

Hey there, depends what you are wanting to do but I really like using Soundtrack Pro to edit and process individual audio files prior to sending them to clients for use in games. I tried the demo versions of quite a few others and spent a fair bit of time researching, but for my purposes Soundtrack Pro actually ticked the most boxes, and I already had it as part of Logic Studio. I actually use it as the external sample editor in Ableton Live as well as standalone. I have not used it's batch processing and applescript capabilities yet, but that is something I would like to explore...

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