Locating first set of free Apple Loops released via .Mac!

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Locating first set of free Apple Loops released via .Mac!

Post by xcelmusic » 01 Feb 2013, 08:29

I have written a ton of songs with Garageband 1.0 and 1.1! And I backed them all up. Unfortunately I had no idea that the loops I was using were not saved within the Garageband song files. In fact, there was no way to backup only those loops at the time. I got robbed and my Mac and all it's settings and customizations gone! So I turned to my backups, and wouldn't you know it, my Garageband files loaded, but complained about missing loops on my new Mac! I was so depressed and angry I gave up for a few years all music writing. Then I tried to get back to figure out how to access all those songs. I have located some loop libraries I was using thanks to Google and some friends. However, there is a set of loop libraries I cannot find. Apple released a bunch of "sampler" libraries for .Mac members around the time that Garageband 1.0 was released! And it is these "sampler" loops I used extensively. Now if it was a simple case of a loop being used throughout the song, I could just replace that loop on that track. However, I went a bit nutty, and I didn't just use a loop like that. I spent weeks cutting up loops into short chunks, snares, hihats, beats, etc, and combining them on several tracks to achieve an awesome sound! This is painstaking work and creates a unique sound! If I can find those loop libraries, I can once again simply open those files!

Does anyone know where I can find these original Apple loops? They were free so it shoudln't be a copyright issue if anyone can send them to me or give me a URL for downloading?

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