Multiple output options for Flash Player

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Multiple output options for Flash Player

Post by cmorg21 » 29 Jul 2013, 18:50

Hi guys,

I am wondering if anyone has had any luck with creating/changing audio options in Adobe Flash Player. Of course I understand this may not even be possible.

Here my set up. I am running a m-audio ozonic (firewire/midi in) to mac book pro. I am running Mainstage 2 to process the audio and for a couple soft instruments. Finally I am using Safari to connect to an online jam room in which you can jam live using Adobe Flash Player. The Flash player settings only appear to allow me to select the audio input source (i.e. built in input, mic, Ozonic etc). So when I am "live" I can hear my post processing audio as well as the soft inst. Here's the issue though:

When I select another user in the room to "listen" to their audio, that signal somehow runs back into the ozonic and then back out as tough I am broadcasting another user audio signal. Oddly enough it doesn't create a feedback loop. The user listening to me and broadcasting their signal gets him with an echo of their own audio. Basically its creates the same effect as though I was sending the audio from flash player to my speakers and then recording with a mic.

The workaround to this is two options. Either run an additional audio interface and capture the processed signal or run a stereo pair out to another mac and then interface with the online jam with computer #2. This is basically the same net result.

I did download soundflower so that I can use the multiple audio out virtual device but what I really need to do is to be able to take the audio coming from safari/flash player and seperate it from the ozonic processed audio going in. But again it seems like the only "change" I can make in Flash is selecting which audio source is going into the player.

Any ideas?

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