Splitting MP3 files

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Morley Chalmers
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Splitting MP3 files

Post by Morley Chalmers » 16 Sep 2013, 20:21

Neophyte audio editor volunteered to do a project — split about a dozen MP3 files into 10Mb segments for uploading to a website that doesn't accept anything over 10Mb. All but one file is well over 10Mb. These files are meditation talks at a retreat, so splitting arbitrarily won't do.

I've looked at MP3Split from SourceForge which downloads into a mess of 24 files with obscure and complex installation instructions. I've tried three compiled apps — Audacity (which crashes on opening any of these files, even the single one under 10Mb). AudioSlicer (which automatically splits when it encounters a pause or hesitation). And there's WavePad (which takes a 10-minute segment and repackages it into a 27Mb MP3.)

What inexpensive app should I try?


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Re: Splitting MP3 files

Post by WolfDee » 23 Sep 2013, 01:26

dB Cooper
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Re: Splitting MP3 files

Post by dB Cooper » 10 May 2019, 07:43

+1 on Fission, plus it edits losslessly even on lossy-compressed files like mp3 and AAC.

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