complicated: using Stereo EQ to manage specific hearing loss

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complicated: using Stereo EQ to manage specific hearing loss

Post by ultrared » 21 Mar 2015, 17:21

my hearing test shows specific loss in each ear and while hearing aids are in my future, I'm trying to figure out a way to use stereo EQ to "fix" the problem when listening to music w/out hearing aids. I have a MacBook Pro with Audirana Plus and Dragonfly (out to either Studio Monitor headphones or Speakers). Adrirana allows the use of a 31 band EQ - but does not allow the ability to adjust each channel separately (more of an issue with the headphones).


Software or a plug-in that allows me to adjust each channel separately? (i tried boom 2 but it doesn't work with Audirvana.

What settings to use on the EQ to adjust for the Left ear (which is the X) and the Right ear (which is the O)?

An option for playing my iPod classic (it's EQ is very minimal) out to headphones or stereo to adjust EQ in separate channels. I've been looking at headphone amps and or DAC add on's but no luck yet finding something that does this. My iPhone has an add on app CanOpener that allows single channel EQ is good detail - but still no stereo. Thoughts?


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