iOS apps - help choosing

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iOS apps - help choosing

Post by stevewj » 24 Nov 2015, 07:44

Hi - just joined today and need some help deciding on which IOS apps that I can use anywhere but also that will work ultimately with Ableton and or Logic.

I'm new to the edm game and having just nabbed a nice interface on eBay and currently stalking several midi keyboard controllers ( novation sl 25 and the Akai mpk25 ) I'm now looking for other kit I can use anywhere as the inspiration strikes me !

I have been looking at the following:
Akai - Impc
Maschine - imaschine & imaschine 2
Both have similar real cool features but I'm kinda stumped as to whether they will do what need.

Any other suggestions are very welcome for others apps that offer similar features that I can run on an iPhone 5 and possibly iPad ( when I get one !)

So ... My Main question is -

Can I save and export a project from any of these apps and then use them directly in Ableton or Logic ?
Eg Saving as midi or wav?
Or would I have to use Soundcloud to upload and then re download from there ?

It appears on each co's website blurb you need the maschine or mpc programs &/or hardware to output/save and then finesse later ..

Or am I just being dense ?

Thank you in advance [emoji106]

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