Need EQ Advice

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Need EQ Advice

Post by bdemon » 22 Apr 2011, 11:46

Working on some music for a Java game. I created this cool, glitchy percussion loop that of course sounds great in my monitors, but in laptop speakers kind of fails because the loop is a bit dominant in the low end. I'm experimenting with the EQ now (it trails off after 200Hz), but since I've got this great resource I was wondering how all of you audio folks would fix this? I'm getting pros & cons with the things I'm trying.

Or maybe the solution is elsewhere?
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Re: Need EQ Advice

Post by Falk » 22 Apr 2011, 14:01

Hi! I guess there is countless ways too fix it, but I have had luck with this way.
Send the loop to a bus.
On the bus, roll off top and bottom, and massage your mid to liking.
I think I would compress the bus quite a bit.
Just like parallel compressing you adjust the original and bus volume to sound good together and sound good on both systems... Preferably.. :-)

On another occasion I pitch shifted the bus up a bit.
That raised the pitch enough to get more mid.
It also added som graininess which were ok on that particular loop..

Good luck!

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Re: Need EQ Advice

Post by G » 22 Apr 2011, 14:12

It's possible that laptop speakers could be resonating at some low-mid frequency. If I had access to that laptop, I'd try to play some music through it while EQ'ing in real time (or a sine wave at various frequencies). That wouldn't work the same way on a different model laptop, but it may lead to some general clues instead of just shelving all your bass. If you can scoop out an offending low-mid, you may be able to leave some low bass (50-80 Hz) in for larger speakers.

Per Falk's ideas, maybe a multi-band compressor would also help to keep the overall energy more consistent?
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