road to nowhere...

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road to nowhere...

Post by renderingtodeath » 17 Jan 2005, 09:09

Just totally (or not) off topic but funny....
enjoy: ... sFind.aspx

fill in:

route: shortest or quickest

From Country: Norway
From City: Haugesund

To Country: Norway
To City: Trondheim

Does anyone from norway has a better idea as M$?


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Post by groundhum » 17 Jan 2005, 10:32

Sounds like a really scenic trip. You might want to consider taking along some snacks. :shock:

I'm not from Norway, but looks more promising: ... &pim=false

At least there are roads on their map
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Post by frackyfreak » 17 Jan 2005, 11:22

i'm surprised it missed iceland... :-)
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Post by ndstephens » 17 Jan 2005, 11:37

hey renderingtodeath,

are you a farker? if you are you'll understand. if not then nevermind. i just happened to see what you're referencing somewhere else.

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