bring back qo!

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bring back qo!

Post by fucanay » 26 Jan 2005, 08:19

I'm here to request that everyone, including the mods, send a mass of love to qo. He is a very important member here and the actions a couple of people have left a bad taste in his mouth and he no longer wants to participate here.

I think we all need to remember that this forum is only as great as it's members. And while you may not want to spread the love to everyone, there are really special people on here. One of the most special people happens to be qo.

And qo, if you're reading this, the person you should most feel good about here, is the site founder tdc. Remember the night we all hung out and San Francisco and think about if you really want to give up those kinds of special people. You know where the heart came from.

On with the love,
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Post by Ubiety » 26 Jan 2005, 08:44

qo, bud, I'm here waiting for your flight to arrive at OS X Audio International Airport . There seems to be some confusion as to when your flight is due to land. I'm hoping that everything is okay up there, and I'll see you when you get in. :)

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Post by toofar » 26 Jan 2005, 09:17

qo!.... qo!.... qo!.... qo!.... qo!.... qo!.... qo!....

(to the tune of an encore clap/stomp)

Jason Hyerstay
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Post by Jason Hyerstay » 26 Jan 2005, 09:23

qo rocks. Good guy, good advice, nice stories. Plus an expert at networking. I sent him a nice email. I hope we can convince him to come back.


PS: Fuc! Welcome back! Nice t-shirt! :) Did you see the band link I posted in your honor? Frickin' A

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Post by noka » 26 Jan 2005, 09:27

I AM FEELING THE LOVE!!!!!! :D!!!!!!!!!!!!

QO! - we... love... you... man....

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Post by doktor242 » 26 Jan 2005, 09:30

I want everything to go back to the way it was 2 weeks ago. Qo, come back!!!

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Post by Urs » 26 Jan 2005, 09:50

Qo, you better come back now or you're gonna fall out of the top ten posters list :P


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Post by Heritage » 26 Jan 2005, 10:10

Yeah Qo.

Fuc is back, it's your turn.


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Post by foldedSoul » 26 Jan 2005, 10:24

What's the status Qo :?:
You pop!

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Post by putte » 26 Jan 2005, 10:27

for the schnitzel mit pommes and salad´s sake! we want the brown sauce, and we want qo with it! :D


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Post by michael » 26 Jan 2005, 10:33

Urs wrote:Qo, you better come back now or you're gonna fall out of the top ten posters list :P
;) Urs
He should be worried for sure, I'm about to pass him up! :P

BTW good thing to wake up to, news that fuc is back! :D
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James Lehmann
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Post by James Lehmann » 26 Jan 2005, 11:15

Yeah - don't quit man!

You only do yourself harm and there's obviously loads of folks here who appreciate your valuable contributions to the Forum.

Your eloquent and well-argued posts have more than made your case - folks can judge the situation for themselves in terms of who comes out of this little episode with a plus or minus reputation. Either way it's not worth getting in a stew about and trying to make some sort of statement by leaving. No-one has made out and out personal attacks on anyone and the world will still turn on its axis tomorrow etc etc

I was on the receiving end of some er... 'funky' moderation from the porcine one and accused of being a troll etc (laughable really when you consider that I use my real name to post and I'm a Mod over at SOS Forums!) but one person's (mis)interpretation of my interest isn't enough to deter me from continuing to contribute here and learning from all of you good folks.

As a Mod myself I also know that you can never keep all of the people happy all of the time with your decisions - Forums like this need decisiveness, right or wrong, but a dose of humility never goes astray either! It is a difficult line to tread and mistakes are made but life, and the Forum goes on and all parties just have to try to find a happy equilibrium. If 1 out of 10,000 posts causes a problem it shouldn't be enough to rock the foundations in the general scheme of things.

Anyway, at the end of the day we're all just here because we share an interest in making music on Macs - Mods, members, newbies, everyone. If that avenue of dicsussion is closed off or curtailed for whatever reason then clearly folks will leave in their droves but I don't think that has happened and i don't think it will.

You should continue to be part of this community.

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Post by sdfalk » 26 Jan 2005, 11:37

You're smarter then hell and need to be here.
Come back.. :D

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Post by qo » 26 Jan 2005, 11:43

Jeez, what can I say? :shock: There really IS love at OSXAudio!

It's my hope that the folks who run OSXA will discuss this episode privately amongst themselves and develop some guidelines for handling things like this in the future. Others have suggested, and I agree, that when something as serious as banning a member is at stake, a consensus among (at least) the Admins and perhaps even a couple senior moderators is achieved before a public admonishment is made.

I now realize my "goodbye" post was inappropriate. I didn't want to cause a stir or effect an outcome. Rather, I felt that I simply could not participate anymore based on what had transpired. I should have just left unannounced. My apologies, for further exacerbating an already out of control vibe.

At any rate, I'm back. I trust OSXA will be stronger for what's happened, and that we all can put this behind us.



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Post by TQ » 26 Jan 2005, 11:44

Everybody with a post count higher than mine is not allowed to leave. Simple as that. So, qo, you cannot leave.

And if you're PC is lower - your're not allowed to leave as well... :wink:

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