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Post by Stoney-Bones » 19 Oct 2003, 19:18

I would like to make a website that I can put tracks of mine on, maybe some design/photography and a little biography and a picture of my studio and shit. I think this will be cool so people can hear my music. Hoever I have no idea where to begin! How do I even go about getting a www. adress? Are there free www on the web or do you have to pay to make your own site? I really have no clue on how to start! Someone give me a direction.

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Post by format j » 19 Oct 2003, 20:10

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Post by Stoney-Bones » 20 Oct 2003, 09:33

I dont want to buy a book. I just want to know where to begin. Also I dont wont to join some server like I want to make my own website. I have seen varouse forum members on heres website so I know someone can help me out.

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Post by fucanay » 20 Oct 2003, 09:40

It can get pretty complaex if you don't know how it all works and aren't willing to spend the time with books to figure it out.

So here are some questions for you!

1. What are your requirements? Fancy graphics, animations, etc.?

2. Who will build it? You? Someone else?

3. What is your budget? These things are not free in general. It takes server space to hold all of the audio.

Here is a starting places for getting a domain name.

For a good cheap hosting company check out:

If your going to make your own site and don't know HTML, you'll need a program to do it, like Dreamweaver.

Feel free to ask more questions.

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Post by trippinginthefall » 20 Oct 2003, 09:53 offers good cheap audio hosting and a page for bio as well as storage for multimedia files...

If you can get a hold of Dreamweaver, you can build you own website, but here are a few things to consider:

You have to pay to have your own www address. It has to be unique. You dont even want to think about paying to buy an existing address from someone...

You have to pay for a place to store the files... this price goes from almost nothing on up to incredibly expensive - especially if you are hosting and streaming/serving large files. (Usually you get up to 3gb of traffic (uploads/downloads/streams all are traffic, per month).

If you dont update your own website, you probably shouldnt go through the trouble.

Goodluck either way. And I use sometimes for storage. offers cheap url names.

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Post by Urs » 20 Oct 2003, 10:23

He, you are on MacOS X.

Your system at home is a full blown webserver. - Activate "Websharing", and you can put html, images and stuff into your personal "Sites" folder. - So, before you actually bother getting a costy or free webspace provider, you can learn things, build your stuff, check how it looks etc.

You should find any info you need on the web, for free. - It's a pity that this one isn't available in English...

Btw. you can learn a lot by looking into existing pages you like!

Some people get addicted by this stuff. They want more. Then you can activate php, install mysql, grab a free content management system and give it a go. For this advanced stuff, check out

If you want to hack some html by yourself, check out BBEdit. It's a cool text editor, and I think there's even a cool free version.

All in all, everything you should ever be paying for is the service provider. (Except you really need flash and stuff)


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.mac member?

Post by LorienSound » 20 Oct 2003, 10:38

.mac subscribers have some storage for websites and they also have a $20.00 discount on Macromedia software called "Contribute" (normally $99.00) , a scaled down version of Dreamweaver. It includes templates that you can use to build the site with. Depending on how much server space you need, this might be a viable option for the 99.00 dollars a year. Even without the Contibute software, .mac makes it really easy to publish pictures on the web.
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