A little Computer to run your plugins ?

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A little Computer to run your plugins ?

Post by Storlon » 18 Dec 2003, 02:55

Coming out during summer 2004. Image

Smaller than an orange ?


Only running at 400 mhz/128mb for now, but speed upgrade are planned


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Post by eimermusic » 18 Dec 2003, 03:01

And it runs Panther? ;)
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Post by bitcrash » 20 Dec 2003, 17:52

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Post by Nonz » 20 Dec 2003, 18:09

What kind of plugins? AU? VST? Since there is one of those ugly serial ports on the side of it, I would have to take a guess and say this is a Windows machine.
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Post by j33pd0g » 20 Dec 2003, 18:39

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Post by eVa DeStruKzün » 20 Dec 2003, 18:49


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Post by airconteka » 21 Dec 2003, 15:02

eimermusic wrote:And it runs Panther? ;)
You are comparing Apples with Oranges :P

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Post by Stoney-Bones » 21 Dec 2003, 15:10

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What the?

Post by puddles » 21 Dec 2003, 15:37

storlon, C'mon with the information! javascript:emoticon(':D')The suspense is killing us. What is this weird orange box?
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found the link

Post by farenuff » 23 Dec 2003, 10:56

I found the link that this story was posted on (www.clubic.com). The site is in french, which i don't speak or read, so I went to freetranslation.com and plugged it in. Here is a very hacked translation:

NEC / T engine demonstrated a computer new type really mini: the T CUBE. These computers measure only 52x52x45mm and weigh 165 grams. They integrate a processeur NEC VR5701 rhythmical MIPS to 400 MHz and a memory embarked of 64 to 128 Mo.

They propose at the level of the connectique, a harbor CompactFlash (useful to preserve its data seen that there is not hard disc), a harbor Ethernet, two harbors USB, a harbor COM and a harbor VGA. The nutrition directly is assured by a standard transformer.

To work these PERCENTS use an operating system embarked baptized "T kernel", diverted from Linux, it proposes a solution bureautique completes (mall, navigator Web, treatment text ...).

The T CUBE should be marketed from the month of March 2004, to a price that still remains unknown for the moment.

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