Instrument/Effect Icons for Logic

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Post by audio/fault » 28 Feb 2005, 05:02

does anyone knows this site:
it's german, but there are many logic icons.
just click on "logic audio area" there they are listed by developer.


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Post by dkgross » 03 Mar 2005, 10:13

great job!!

now for the obvious "i'm an idiot' do I put them so they show up in the list?
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Post by kanker » 03 Mar 2005, 10:59

dkgross wrote:great job!!

now for the obvious "i'm an idiot' do I put them so they show up in the list? ... 076#142076
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Post by dkgross » 06 Mar 2005, 10:45

thanks :D :shock:
Dave Gross
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how about the roland handsonic...

Post by CazWax » 11 Mar 2005, 21:52

just a request - roland handsonic, kurtzwiel spx88, Korg MS-20
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Post by braj » 12 Mar 2005, 01:29

They aren't perfect but here they are:

roland handsonic, kurtzwiel spx88, Korg MS-20


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Post by meldavid » 20 Mar 2005, 20:23

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Post by nevillebeats » 20 Apr 2005, 19:44

I would love one for a Clavia Nord Lead 2 synth not the rack. Thanks

Oh and Dynaudio Acoustics BM6A speakers if possible.

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Post by PaulSC » 20 Apr 2005, 20:29

And Monster Cable.
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Please vary your query.

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If it's not too much trouble...

Post by iShawn » 20 Apr 2005, 21:34

I'd like to request a Keystation (49e but no preference) and Firepod. I checked out the German site but it only had the discontinued Firestation. I know... I'm picky.

And just checking... you change/add icons by going to /Library/Audio/MIDI Devices/Generic/Images/ right?

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Post by Stormchild » 20 Apr 2005, 22:30

Here's a custom icon I made for the V-Station plugin.


I took a screenshot of it, opened it in Illustrator, then created a vector drawing of one of the knobs, which matches the original pretty closely. It's rectangular, but blends in quite well with the Logic 7 UI.

I tried to set it up without the rectangular background, but the icon gets clipped when it's circular (with transparent background), for whatever reason. I made it smaller (within the 128x128 dimensions) but Logic just scales it up and clips it anyway (so the top and bottom have squared-off looks like a glitch).
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Post by DefJez » 23 Apr 2005, 00:49

Has anyone seen a MOTU Mach 5 icon or Izotope Ozone icon?
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Post by michael » 23 Apr 2005, 02:19

Stormchild wrote:Here's a custom icon I made for the V-Station plugin.

This is more like what I would use. I've been a terrible icon whore since the day they allowed us use our own.

Take a look at the icons on this site. The preview size is pretty much what the icons look like when I'm working with an Arrange page with more than 14 tracks.
The full screenshot icons are nice if you have the track at a full inch or more in height, but the icons that are full screen shots become unrecognizable at smaller sizes.
Anyway it's all good. Glad to see this thread! :)

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Post by Gracehoper » 03 May 2005, 08:50

I know this may be kind of lame...

What exactly can I name my icons? I dl'ed some and placed them the right place but then found that the dl'ed ones had taken the place of some originals and some original icons were completely missing.
The dl'ed once had a "Read Me" file with them that said they were named (numbered) to not take original icons place, but they did. What numbers should I use infront of the name?
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Post by sergio » 08 May 2005, 07:25

stupid question...where is the Icon folder??? i couldnt find it under
user/library/aplication support/logic/
its not there.....
i also went to rooter/library/aplication support/logic

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