Which top producers/engineers use logic?

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Which top producers/engineers use logic?

Post by emx » 19 May 2005, 17:49

Just a few names and the songs they used it on.
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Post by AdamJay » 19 May 2005, 18:01

Trent Reznor has almost always used a combination of Logic (midi, softsynths) and Protools (audio)

Specific track?...
The first notes of the new album "With Teeth" are drums from Pluggo's "LoFi Drums" plugin sequenced in Logic Pro. The track is called "All the love in the world"

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Post by LennieJ » 19 May 2005, 18:01

Well heh ME! :D I"m sure all that promo endorsement type stuff is available somewhere's on the Apple site. There was certainly lots on the old Emagic site.
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Post by F5D » 19 May 2005, 18:02

Some names which I remember using Logic: Above & Beyond, Aalto, Super8, Matti Laamanen aka Cosmicman, Darude, Robbie Bronnimann. About everybody who produces dance music uses logic.

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Post by Acelera » 19 May 2005, 18:33

Here's the old list:

http://web.archive.org/web/200410181052 ... rlist.html

There's a whole bunch who are obviously not there.

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Post by bdemon » 19 May 2005, 23:47

I remember an interview with Geddy Lee (RUSH!) around the time of his solo album, talking about how he worked up tracks in Logic.
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Post by pooroo » 20 May 2005, 00:07

I was going to suggest Motorhead.....but truth is stranger than fiction....or any
bad jokes I could make!

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Post by tasho55 » 20 May 2005, 00:29

Bassment Jaxx...
I just read that in FM, they've only recently taken it up, though (Kish Kash, I think).

I really like that NIN song (All the Love...), that's interesting that it's pluggo...but it makes sense.

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Post by supaglitched » 20 May 2005, 00:33

No specific songs, but I know that Radiohead were (are?) Logic users. There was an interview with them where they talked about avoiding Cubase because of its crashiness. Pretty sure they've been on Macs for awhile, too (i.e. not using WinLogic 5), as they used Videodelic to make parts of one of their videos.

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Post by tasho55 » 20 May 2005, 00:40

i would love to know what software/hardware went into that insane glithciness of "The Gloamong" from Hail to the Thief...... :?:

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Post by Stormchild » 20 May 2005, 02:26

AdamJay wrote:Trent Reznor has almost always used a combination of Logic (midi, softsynths) and Protools (audio)
Yeah but Trent Reznor uses *everything*! (More specifically his audio guy does...Charlie Clouser). I've seen testimonials from them on tons of different companies' sites.

It's the same with BT. That guy uses everything -- at least long enough to get a free copy of it (and probably a pile of money) for endorsing it!
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Post by upriver » 20 May 2005, 04:18

Kid 606 scared my friend with his enthusiasm for Logic a while ago, and Mike Paradinas held a Logic workshop or something similar in Sydney last year.
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Post by neverwhere » 20 May 2005, 05:12

i'd say browse through remix magazine every month. they do a good job of providing gear lists. i'd say, from reading that for awhile, pretty much every person they talk to that isn't a hip-hop producer is using logic ;)
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Post by EatMyShorts » 20 May 2005, 05:15

The Chemicals Brothers started using Logic after Surrender - I believe. Previous to that I think they were Cubase on a PC.

I also use Logic :wink:

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Post by UrbanEric » 20 May 2005, 06:48

There are many artists that use logic or dabble with logic to write songs & play on their laptops.
Most records, however, get transfered to protols for final mixing since most engineers and studios prefer using the audio/editing/mixing features in protools and don't need the virtual/midi stuff when it comes time to actually mix a record.

Some folks I know that use logic are Groove Armada, Scissor Sisters, and the Sweedish producers/hitmakers from Cherion like Max Martin & Rami, and other Sweedes Bloodshy and Avant (Britney's songwriters/producers).

Pretty much everyone I know really wants to use Logic but ends up using Digital Performer or Protools to actually do work. Eventually Apple will get Soundtrack Pro/Logic Audio or another new program combining the two (or buy MOTU and roll up SoundLogic Performer Pro 8.0??)[SPAM].. :)

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