Logic crashing when scanning files for project manager

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Logic crashing when scanning files for project manager

Post by Stress » 30 Jan 2007, 12:55

:cry: everytime i try and scan files in project manger logic crashes. new intel mac and usb 2.0 drives. anyone having the same problem? doesn't matter what drives i select to scan

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Post by lostmemories » 30 Jan 2007, 13:39

Yes, same problem on Powerbook G4 PPC, Logic Pro 7.1, and internal disk, project manager never worked for me :cry:
The only way is to indicate directly my logic directories into the project manager, to avoid a full disk scan.

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Re: Logic crashing when scanning files for project manager

Post by deny1809 » 29 Jan 2019, 03:30

Hey there,

You are facing logic crashes while scanning? I was also facing the same issue but after lots of research, I have fixed it with some of the technique. First of all, close that Logic and open finder and
After that Follow:- Macintosh HD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components
Copy the plug-ins that are causing the problem from this folder to your Desktop. Once copied to your Desktop, delete them from the Components folder.
Start Logic and open the Plug-in-Manager under Logic Pro > Settings > Plug-in-Manager
Click the button Reset & Rescan Selection.
Close Logic after the scan has finished.
Move the plug-in files from the Desktop back into the folder "Components". After that, you will have fixed the issue. Hope this would help.

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