Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

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Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

Post by mctconsortium » 20 Sep 2012, 10:15

Hi all-

l'm working with an engineer long distance who will be producing/mixing for me. He is using Pro Tools, so I need to get him my tracks from Logic. The plan was to share all my tracks (audio and soft ints) as WAV with no processing (no plugins, etc.), a set of the WAVs with my processing on it (for his reference), and the MIDI files for the software instruments, so he can throw his own software instruments on them.

The problem I'm having is in getting the PURE ORIGINAL (as recorded) MONO tracks out for my mono audio recordings. Before starting, let me say I have extensively searched and read up on the forum here and elsewhere on the topic, but haven't come to a conclusive answer on a couple of things. When using the 'Export all Tracks as Audio Files," I ALWAYS get 2-channel (stereo) WAVS. This is true for my mono-recorded audio as well. Just as a double-check, the regions and the channel strips both indicate mono (single O, not double OO) for these tracks as expected. I have selected to bypass all plugins, and I am also bypassing volume/pan. I'm exporting one file per track, as 24-bit, 44.1. When I run this, all tracks export as 2-channel WAVs.

One solution I've read is to solo each track, make sure it is mono, and then bounce the Output channel as mono. But this has problems. 1.) It is very manual (can't do all tracks at once), 2.) I'd have to turn off all the plugins manually 3.) need to route pre-fader (i guess?) to make sure it doesn't include volume/pan. 4.) need to turn off all automation. Point being, this is a PITA.

Another option I've seen involves bouncing, splitting, and tossing one of the now independent channel WAV files.

Still another option (and the one I've liked best so far) is to Export as I was before using the 'Export all tracks as Audio Files' function (in order to take advantage of the ability to batch process and bypass plugins), and then open the stereo WAVs it creates in Soundtrack Pro. Then use the 'Convert to Mono' function in soundtrack pro and re-save the file. Again, this is not as elegant as Logic handling it in the first place, but I recorded an Automator script to accomplish the Soundtrack Pro mono conversion, so It's not awful. What I'm NOT sure about is regarding how using the 'Convert to Mono' function gives you the choice of using the Left channel, Right channel, or combining left and right to create the mono. If the stereo audio tracks logic has created are identical in Left and Right, does it matter what I choose? Will Combining SUM the two, and therefore make it louder? Or is it all the same? What I want (obviously) is the pure original recording in mono unprocessed. If I just use one channel, is this what I'm getting?

1.) Is it 'standard' for a Pro Tools engineer to ask for/require mono audio recordings? Should PT be dealing with it during the import?
2.) Why aren't my mono audio tracks coming out as mono WAVs using the 'Export all Tracks as Audio' function? Is this "just how it is"
3.) Is bouncing each track individually via the Output on mono the best way to ensure non-degraded quality?
4.) In Soundtrack Pro, when converting an audio file that has identical Left and Right channels to mono, is there any difference between selecting using only the Left Channel vs. Combining Left and Right to create the mono? Which selection(s) will result in Zero Quality loss?

Your help is VERY much appreciated. We really need to get a workflow down to share non-degraded tracks. If there is a better workflow you can recommend for sharing between Logic and PT outside of what I've outlined above, I'd appreciate that too.


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Re: Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

Post by redlogic » 20 Sep 2012, 20:52

Works fine here using Logic Pro 9.1.7 on OS 10.6.8.

I did a little test exporting 8 individual mono tracks one at a time using Track as Audio File and all 8 together using All Tracks as Audio Files.

All tracks exported as mono.
This was a very simplified test...just 8 tracks, no effects, sends, Aux routing, etc.

Have you tried exporting some mono tracks in an Empty Project to rule out Project corruption?
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Re: Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

Post by Spikehead » 21 Sep 2012, 01:34

Hi Brian

you are indeed subject to a bug. The export feature works perfectly here, creating mono tracks as requested.
Maybe you have a plugin that corrupts the procedure somehow ?

If all else fails, you'd have to re-install Logic on your computer, but first i'd try and export the song from a different computer
with Logic installed (if you have access to one).

Good luck

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Re: Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

Post by Mars96 » 07 Aug 2013, 02:28

Now I realy would like to know your motive, other than financewise, why on earth you would want to get involved with an producer/mixer who only uses ProTools for your Logic project? Why can't you finish the project in Logic? Give me one really good reason only and I will then do my best to advise you on how to morph your project! This is ridicules of the ProTools person to ask, period.

Good luck!

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Re: Problem getting mono tracks for sharing with Pro Tools

Post by Spikehead » 07 Aug 2013, 08:25

Maybe the mix-engineer works in a studio with only AVID hardware hardwired to his console - hence only Protools will work as a frontend ? Logic doesn't support AVID interfaces via DAE anymore since V9

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