LogicX FREE Channel Switcher scripter plugin

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LogicX FREE Channel Switcher scripter plugin

Post by Vacheto » 28 Aug 2013, 17:20

LogicX FREE Channel Switcher scripter preset by AUDIOGROCERY

Audiogrocery is excited to announce the new A.G Midi Channel Switcher which is royalty free. The A.G Midi Channel Switcher is a new ultimate midi processing script/preset designed for the LogicX scripter plugin. You can use this plugin preset to switch easily the incoming midi channel into any other channel to be able to change the instrument patch, articulation etc via Key Switches or Program Change messages. The A.G Channel Switcher is designed to be used with any multitimbral Software Instruments such as Spectrasonics Omnisphere, NI Kontakt, Steinberg Halion Sonic etc, or with multitimbral hardware midi devices via the Logic External Instrument software plugin.

Key Features

Smooth channel/patch change. You can hold down a few notes and switch to another midi channel via Key Switch (KS) or Program Change (PC) without any interruption. After the switching, the new notes will be performed by the new patch while the old “held” notes will play the old patch until you release them. The method guarantees no hanging note events!
Non-note events “Pass Thru”. The midi channel of the all other midi events such as Control Change, Pitch Bend etc is transformed into new channel so you can control the new patch accordingly.
Midi Channel Key Switching. You can assign a custom Key Switching range using Min/Max Note assigners UI parameters.
Midi Channel Program Change Switching.

The A.G Midi Channel Switcher comes with Mac Installer for easy install and use in any LogicX project. The tool comes with a detailed User Guide documentation PDF included in the pack.

PS. Audiogrocery is going to release a bunch of FREE Pro Environments & Scripter plugins for Logic, as well as NI Kontakt Extra scripts. Stay in tune…

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Re: LogicX FREE Channel Switcher scripter plugin

Post by gdoubleyou » 30 Aug 2013, 07:57


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