Logic Pro 8/ G5/ Firewire 1814 sound issue

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Logic Pro 8/ G5/ Firewire 1814 sound issue

Post by Tuohy » 20 Oct 2013, 10:02

Hi im looking for help
I am having Sound issues with my Apple G5, firewire 1814 multichannel and Pro Logic8. A year ago it worked but now im having a problem. The issue is depending on what I delect under preferences in the G5 and the ProLogic8 audio preference I am not getting the desired result which is to record an instrument and hear it at the same time through my speakers. What I am able to do now is record it to the software but not hear it until I switch the out put audio settings. I was advised in the past to set up a “My device” which would resolve this but it is not at the moment. Heres the selection choices I have

On G5 the sound input choices are line in (audioline port), digital in (Optical in port), Firewire Multichannel (Firewire port) and my device. The output tab options are the same.
On the Logic8 Audio preferences under the core audio tab I have the following options built in audio2, built in audio 1, firewire,my device and new
Please advise what I need to do so I can play an instrument, here it and record it at same time and play it back without having to change anything

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Re: Logic Pro 8/ G5/ Firewire 1814 sound issue

Post by gdoubleyou » 21 Oct 2013, 08:32

Select your device of course, make sure you have the correct input, and output in the channelstrip, check your monitor settings in Logic.

The setting you will choose depends on your hardware, and if it supports direct monitoring.


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Re: Logic Pro 8/ G5/ Firewire 1814 sound issue

Post by G » 21 Oct 2013, 12:55

Indeed. If all else is the same as before, it sounds like Software Monitoring may have gotten switched off in Logic.
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