Logic pitch drift or hardware pitch drift?

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Logic pitch drift or hardware pitch drift?

Post by mauisun » 23 Dec 2013, 01:18

I have this problem in my work flow with midi pitch drift issues.When I am inputing performance/data into Logic via USB Alesis Q49 controller the pitch drifts at will.I am not sure whether Logic is sending the pitch info or the controller is sending and is at fault. It's very frustrating. Sometimes there appears pitch bend data that shows up in the event window bit not always. When there is I off course delete it.To quickly remedy the pitch bend data I can unplug the USB cable and that temporarily fixes it before it starts up very soon after. I want to get at the bottom of this and find the ghost in the machine. A friend of mine thought it might be cheap faulty chips that are in the lower end MIDI controllers. What do you guys think? Any one else experience this? Merry Christmas.
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Re: Logic pitch drift or hardware pitch drift?

Post by stringtapper » 03 Jan 2014, 20:53

Do you have access to a different controller to test? I'd suggest trying that so you can narrow down the problem to hardware or software (though I can't imagine how Logic would be doing this).
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