Live audio split to channels via velocity...?

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Live audio split to channels via velocity...?

Post by markoos » 01 Apr 2014, 11:01

Can anyone help with this please? I'm on Logic Pro 8 and to be honest I've never spent much time in the environment - but I don't think I can avoid it this time, due to what it is I'm about to ask...

Basically I want to mic up some hand percussion. (check)

I want to stream the audio through something like resochord or other input enabled instrument/FX. (check)

I want maybe six instances of resochord over six channels with different effects on each channel. (check)

Each channel should only respond to a certain velocity range, so as I play dynamically, different channels with their own effects chains/instruments are triggered by the different velocities that I'm playing. (err…)

Does this make sense? Basically whatever trigger instrument I play is going to be transmogrified as the live audio is sent automagically through these different channels.

Does that make any sense, have I explained that I want my live audio to be f'ed up according to my velocity?
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Re: Live audio split to channels via velocity...?

Post by Vacheto » 15 Apr 2014, 13:40

It can be done via the Logic X Toolkit PRO environment Channel Switcher tool. It can be controlled via Key Switches or Program Change messages. It is not hard to patch a Transformer before that tool which can transform the Velocity Zones into Program Change messages for example.
The toolkit is designed for Logic X (you are on L8). No problem I have developed a Logic 8 and L9 Channel Switcher version in the pass. You can use the Contacts in the Audiogrocery site to contact me so I can provide a special L8 release.


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