Utter sadness and contempt

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Utter sadness and contempt

Post by DrugAgainstWar » 01 Dec 2014, 14:51

I bought a new iMac. It's the 21.5" late-2013 model with Retina, Iris Pro, etc.

Out of the box, it had OS X Mavericks and everything seemed fine but I was advised by the App Store that
the OS X Yosemite update was free. Cool. Downloaded and installed. Now, the bluetooth Magic Mouse that came
with the machine doesn't register clicks anymore. This is annoying, but I have been able to work around it.

As we all know, Apple has annoyingly decided that humans don't need disc drives any longer, so I plugged in an
external HP USB dvd reader / writer and installed my copy of Logic 9. Went off without a hitch and in record time, even.

I was working on a project just an hour or so ago, when Logic decided not to respond to a space bar, mouse click or ANY kind
of input directing it to stop playing, instead it freezes independent of the operating system, opens a save window (which excited me since I had neglected to save my work) but that won't respond either. I had to force-quit the application
in hopes my work might have been imaged/flashed/saved somewhere but luck was not with me tonight.

Has anyone else experienced ridiculous issues with OS X Yosemite, their new Mac's, the Magic Mouse or Logic 9? I have no hair
because I just pulled it out and I am hoarse from uncontrollably screaming incoherent robot-racial slurs at my computer.
I really had a good track going :( I know Apple doesn't give two craps about me or anyone that uses their products but I
have such a very small amount of time to be creative with and my work is ruined.

RANT OVER. I apologize if someone decides I have taken up a minute of their lives and shoots down this post.

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Re: Utter sadness and contempt

Post by G » 01 Dec 2014, 15:36

Welcome. :)

You seem to be making a few assumptions, including the notion that hardware/system failure is just the way things are. Don't do that. I wouldn't settle for even the tiniest part of my system going sideways—That's why I'm on a Mac in the first place. You'd make sure your car was in perfect shape before driving cross-country in it, wouldn't you?

When did you buy that iMac? Do you still have AppleCare on it (the irony)? What workaround did you use for the mouse failure, and are you completely sure it was caused by software (check cables, try without USB hubs, etc., etc.)?
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Re: Utter sadness and contempt

Post by 27 » 01 Dec 2014, 17:05

repair permissions. reboot.

you can always downgrade your OS back to MTN lion or mavericks or whatever.. a PITA but it can be done.

and yeah.. people have been complaining about apple not having disc drives for years now. get a USB super drive. also, check your batteries in your mouse. also, sleep settings and all that change sometimes when OS X updates. could be something going to sleep on you.

good luck

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