Request for help with midi pipe keyboard splitting! Please?

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Request for help with midi pipe keyboard splitting! Please?

Postby aidanpoulter » Mon, 15 Feb 2010 12:31 am

Using my Yamaha piano, YDP113, and using midipipe I have managed to split my keyboard. It's a regualar piano without any midi control knobs or anything like that. The problem is, if I want to use the transpose function in the midi pipe window, when I try to transpose the notes, they do transpose but the regions move up and down, that is, they get longer when the transposing occurs and I can't work out how to have, for example region 2 an octave higher without the notes of the region extending an octave down and cutting into the region I wanted for base. Anybody help me please. Also, I would love to see what I can do with the rest of midi pipe but am not midi experienced enough to understand most of it's pages. I am new to midi and have just bought myself an axiom 61 which is much easier to program. I am just trying to get my money's worth out of the second keyboard as then I am my kids can jam on to multi-intrument, split keyboards. I am excited, but frustrated. Even book/websites recommended would be great. If anyone has the time, I would like to pay for a few hours of tutoring, talking over skype perhaps and using the screen share function.

Thanks for reading. Aidan.
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