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..:: Tarekith's DJ EFX v8 ::..

Postby Tarekith » Thu, 10 Jun 2010 3:25 pm

I have some gigs coming up this summer, and while prepping for them realized I've been using the same effects racks for some time now. Decided to spend the day creating a few more to use in the upcoming shows. Also took the chance to update all the old EFX Racks with color and other small tweaks and fixes. So, version 8 of my EFX Rack pack is now requires Live 8.1.3, sorry to those still on Live 7. Just too much of a pain for me to keep a second version of Live around for the few times I make new racks. Anyway, for those of you on Live 8, enjoy:


Here's the new racks:


This is a cool auto-panning effect rack. Turn the knob left to get a really slow bounce back and forth between the speakers. Turn it to the right to increase the panning speed.


As anyone who'd used my effects racks knows, I love delays. Well, here's another one. I have some gigs coming up this summer, and decided I wanted a new delay rack to use. This one is more hypnotic and a lot less ping pong style like my previous ones.


This is a pretty wild one, great for turning things into ambient washes. Left turns give you a darker, deeper tone. Turning to the right gives everything more presence.


One of my favorite racks, this is a really trippy, bouncy, just plain grooving build-up maker. Turn the knob slowly all the way to the left and just let it hypnotize you. Turning to the right speeds it up some.

As usual with my EFX Racks lately, you want to assign a knob on your controller to the first knob in the rack. The default position is straight up at 64. Within a few degrees of this, the signal is dry and completely untouched by the effect chains. Turn the knob left or right for different effects.

Have fun!
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