Very strange Midi problem in Live 8.

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Very strange Midi problem in Live 8.

Postby Damo303 » Tue, 16 Aug 2011 2:34 am

Very strange Midi problem in Live 8.
This is driving me nuts.

The problem is that it appears that Live 8 is not sending midi to my external gear. So for example if I play my master keyboard or any other hardware synths I can record the midi notes but they don't playback.
I know its not an audio problem because I can hear the hardware when I press the keys but when I record the midi notes and try playing them back the data doesn't seem to be getting back to the hardware. Its almost as if my 'midi send' has stopped communicating to my external gear.

I've checked as much as I can think of which includes, trying 3 different MOTU midi interfaces (They all do the same thing), trying different midi cables, running applejack (to reset permissions) ,restarting, checking the Live prefs, checking the OSX Audio Midi Setup, reinstalled the MOTO midi driver and tried different synths.

Is there some sort of midi send/playback setting in Live or could it be a screwed up preference or driver?

I've checked all my hardware so i've ruled that out, i'm pretty sure its down to a software issue in either Live or the midi driver/software.

I have also noticed that the "Midi Track Out Indicator" is flashing so as far as Live is concerned it says its sending out midi data, but its not reaching the hardware. So this makes me think there is a corrupt driver issue but i've already tried reinstalling the diver which didn't work. - So perhaps there is a reset procedure I should follow to clear any prefs or corrupt files?

Anyone had this problem or know anything else I should check? I've been using my gear trouble free with Live 8 for ages so no idea why its suddenly thrown this at me.

OS 10.6.8, Live 8.2.2, MOTU 808 mk3, MOTU Micro Lite x 2
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