dear god help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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dear god help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by DJTOMMYBOY » 13 Nov 2005, 17:22

IM using a G5 2.3 with Logic 6.4.3. I was saving a file and Logic got stuck...I had to force quit it. After I tried to re-open the file it crashes logic everytime. I lost major work. Is there anyone who can actually recover the file??


cheeky b
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Post by cheeky b » 13 Nov 2005, 17:27

Did you try opening up a previous save file in the .bak folder?
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Post by britishbpm » 19 Nov 2005, 07:45

Yes, and in future set your preferences to backup in multiples, this way you can trace your steps back to the point that the file became corrupted. I wouldn't leave home without it.

.....and repair permissions!


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Post by baze » 19 Nov 2005, 07:50

i also do save as whenever i do anything important.

Meester Smeeth
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Re: dear god help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Post by Meester Smeeth » 19 Nov 2005, 07:57

DJTOMMYBOY wrote:After I tried to re-open the file it crashes logic everytime.
Does it crash upon opening or when you try to play the file?

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Post by al808 » 19 Nov 2005, 14:54

hi DJTOMMYBOY, have you tried opening the song with the audio drivers off, and if this works, sometimes you can turn them back on and things work again.
cheers, al
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Post by marky » 21 Nov 2005, 08:47

I had this problem before, it was an earlier version of Kontakt which was doing it.

Try incrementally pulling plugins from your Library folder until the file loads and doesn't crash.

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Post by oink » 21 Nov 2005, 16:44

Yes, as others have already hinted at, this could quite likely be a corrupt channel (or plugin instance).

If it opens fine with audio off, then you can be pretty sure that's the case.
To retrieve the song you need to isolate which channel is corrupt, create a replacement using a different 'unused' channel with the same plugins etc. move the track content to the new channel and retire the corrupt one. (i.e. never use that channel again, in that particular song.)
Use a process of elimination with a copy of the song, to determine which channel is corrupt. (somewhat like the process used in hunting down extension conflicts in the old Mac OSes)

I have done it before, like this:
Disable Audio.
Take a copy of the song and remove plugins from half the tracks. (and delete track content on those tracks) Save as 'test #1 or something. Do the same with the other half (test #2)
Enable Audio again and test both halves.
Lets say 'test #2' crashes, and the other doesn't, then continue on by halving again (just one this time: test #3) If that doesn't crash, delete all those tracks and assignments from test #2 plus a few more. test again. if that doesn't crash then you know the corrupt channel is somewhere in the few extra you deleted, or if it does crash, divide again. (disabling audio each time to divide the songs, if necessary)
You should end up finding just one track which is causing the crashes. (it's usually only one)

Toy Sun
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Very likely

Post by Toy Sun » 21 Nov 2005, 20:55

I concur, in fact I have found that screwed up routing in the environment causes the same problem.

Let us know if this works.


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