Very enthusiastic! but...

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Very enthusiastic! but...

Post by Sander » 02 Sep 2009, 02:07

Playing around with the demo for a while and I'm very enthusiastic. I love the workflow of this program and the mastering section could make my life a lot easyer. Also love the routing matrix.

There's just this problem that makes working with it impossible. I'm using a metric halo 2882 device on a intelmac. And for some reason when I set the device block size below 2048 samples theres a horrible sound coming out.

Any suggestion what this could be?

I'm a long time logic user but since my working method becomes more and more basic this could be a very good alternative.


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Re: Very enthusiastic! but...

Post by rolastro » 03 Sep 2009, 22:07

If you haven't done so already I would ask the question at the Presonus Studio One forum here

I have never seen such a responsive software team. I think I've seen posts from at least 4 different employees in response to different questions.

As for my experience, I would LOVE to make this my #1 DAW. But not sure I'm there yet. There are lots of "features" missing (most of which I barely use in other DAW's), but what Studio One lacks in features right now it makes up for in ease of use. My experience w/DAW's goes back to the early 90's with Performer/Digital Performer and then switched to Logic 8 when it came out. And I have to say that Studio One feels like home to me so far - and is by far the most intuitive music program I've come across.. Simple things like midi-control links (to link any knob/slider to any software action), stretching an audio file by grabbing it (still can't do it easily w/logic 9), contextual menus on just about everything on the screen really works for me. Other high points are that it's very stable for me & has good CPU usage (I had 20 softsynths playing at once on a C2D Mac Mini w/4GB ram.). I also tried all kinds of things to crash it & I've only had one crash in 4 days when loading the Predator Softsynth while playing.

As for the downside, I miss Logics Ultrabeat and handling of loops via the browser. Also in general the midi and Audio editing aren't close to what D.P. 5 was. Midi editing is handled a little differently & doesn't allow you to tweak as much, but so fare I've been able to do everything i need to. Also, I can't believe that with the good job they did with allowing controller links, that there's no way to assign transport controls (play, stop, etc). Also, I can't figure out how to assign different audio input (soundflower) to some tracks while at the same time allowing my Motu 828's inputs.

I'ts only version 1 - we'll see where this goes.
Peace, Rolastro

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