Given that this is Mac OS X Audio, this may not seem like the biggest deal.  However for those who were looking for cross platform audio interfaces and considering getting an Apogee interface and FW card, or a USB Mini device, think again:

Apogee has officially announced that they are dropping all Windows platform development to focus solely on the Macintosh.  Of course, you can still plug Apogee standalone converters into any Windows audio interface you own.  And for those who do use their Apogee interfaces with Windows, they will still support previously purchased cards for a while.

The writing was clearly on the wall for a while, considering how much business Apogee has been doing with Apple-related products such as Ensemble and Duet, popular among Logic and GarageBand users.  Still, considering how much of a potential market Windows audio users are, this decision could not have been easy, or made lightly.

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