Blue Cat Audio has announced a massive update of all its commercial EQ plugins. The new versions are now available for Mac in VST and Audio Unit formats. The Liny EQ series have been completely redesigned for this new release.

The Blue Cat Audio EQ plugins include the Liny EQ series (linear phase graphic equalizers), Parametr’EQ series (digital and analog parametric EQs) and the Triple EQ plugins (semi-parametric visual EQs). They all come in three flavors, offering a wide variety of capabilities. In particular, the Widening versions propose mid/side processing for frequency selective stereo narrowing or widening.

New for all plugins:
– Mac Audio Unit support.
– Mac VST Support.
– New documentation.

New for the Liny EQ series:
– New user interface design.
– The plugin now offers two types of EQ curves.
– EQ range is now customizable.
– Undo/Redo support.
– Preset import/export in a host independent format.
– Window opacity control for plugin transparency.

Mac System requirements:
– Intel or Power PC Mac
– Mac OS X Leopard (10.5)
– An Audio Unit or VST compatible application

The plugins are available in several bundles or separately, with a temporary special offer on bundles. Existing customers can update most plugins for free, except the Liny EQ series for which a special upgrade price is available. Demo versions of the 8 plugins can be downloaded on


Blue Cat’s Liny EQ Pack (3 Plugins): 99.96 EUR (instead of 119 EUR) or $133.56 (instead of $159)
Blue Cat’s Parametr’EQ Pack (3 Plugins): 99.96 EUR (instead of 119 EUR) or $133.56 (instead of $159)
Blue Cat’s Triple EQ Pack (2 Plugins): 42.14 EUR (instead of 49 EUR) or $59.34 (instead of $69)

Individual plugins prices available on