Hi folks,

I’ve opened up two new forums on the site today. The first is one for Sibelius notation program. We’ve had enough notation questions over the years to warrant the forum. It also helps that I’m a long-time Sibelius trainer and can facilitate helping out. Now that Pro Tools has Sibelius capability built-in, this move seems very timely given the number of Pro Tools users we have here at Mac OS X Audio.

I’ve also added a forum for Final Cut Pro. Many of us audio folks need to dabble in video at one time or another. Some of us do more than dabble. It’s always interesting to see just how different an audio person looks at a timeline vs a video person. This forum will be a place for all of us to discuss using Final Cut Pro. As I’ve gained some amazing FCP experience in the last year, I’m going to start as a moderator. Clearly, FCP is a big app and my gut tells me that there are other experts here. If you feel you can help out, please private message me. We’ll start out with the FCP app as the focus, and see how many questions come from the Final Cut Studio before we evaluate any sub forums.

As you can tell, we’re really looking to grow the forums. Got ideas for expansion? We’re all ears! 


Marc Schonbrun