I’m happy to report that the forums are now back online. This wouldn’t have been possible without the help of one of our members Glenn (KernelG) who spent the better part of 9 hours working on this. It was a massive ordeal that was way beyond our current capabilities. Glenn, we salute you!

The forums are running the newest phpBB software. You should see far fewer spam posts (if at all) along with some other niceties. The site is now on a modern platform that can evolve easily. The look of the site is also in flux. Kevin will hunt down a cool skin in short order. I’m already really exicted about the new tools avaliable to the moderation team.

In recognition of Glenn’s hard work and amazing ethic today, I’m making him a moderator of the site. He not only brings years of web experience, but an impressive pedigree as an electric musician and Logic expert. I hope you’ll welcome him warmly to our community.

***Note: I was asked to reset my password on first login. Kevin was not. Please let me know if you’re unable to get into the site at all. I don’t forse any major issues.