Audiofile Engineering today announced FiRe, a professional field recording app built exclusively for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

FiRe was created for audio professionals by audio professionals. It’s powerful enough for the most experienced musicians and recording engineers, and its efficient workflow and intuitive interface make it a breeze for business and casual use.

FiRe will revolutionize what you expect from a portable recording application. It’s the first iPhone recorder to display an accurate audio waveform in real time, and the first to support markers, Broadcast WAVE metadata, and the instant downloading of files in multiple file formats. FiRe is also the first recorder of its kind to offer native SoundCloud integration. SoundCloud makes it simple to upload recordings directly to the web and share them with the tap of a button.


  • Record in mono and stereo
  • Live waveform view
  • Scroll waveform with touch
  • Navigate waveform via double-tap with configurable behavior
  • Moveable Playback Head
  • Tap Playback Head handle to add markers
  • Editable Markers list
  • Preference to add markers at time intervals
  • Overdub mode
  • Beautiful and accurate VU Input Meters
  • VU meters change to output in playback
  • Configurable time units display
  • Tag Recordings with location data
  • Pause gracefully when interrupted by phone call
  • Countdown with gorgeous graphics
  • Record for… settings
  • Record until… settings
  • Record over threshold… settings
  • Quality settings: Low (11.025 kHz), Medium (22.050 kHz) and High (44.1 kHz)
  • Preference to automatically move to end and/or add marker when recording starts
  • Preference to limit recordings to 2GB
  • Screen rotates 180 degrees for better control of the iPhone’s internal mic
  • Broadcast WAVE metadata
  • Preference for amount of info displayed in Recordings List
  • Ability to lock recordings
  • File export via local web server and FTP
  • Choice of export file formats via web server and FTP: WAVE, AIFF, CAF (Core Audio Format)
  • SoundCloud integration

FiRe also fully supports stereo recording with external microphones such as the Blue Mikey and Alesis ProTrack.

FiRe is available now via the Apple iTunes Store for $5.99. It is compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and requires iPhone 2.2 software.