iphone-isynaudioMIDI.com and VirSyn proudly present iSyn, a virtual music studio for Apple iPhone and iPod Touch that puts an unbelievable number of features including two studio-quality, fully programmable virtual analog synthesizers and a drum machine in the palm of your hand!

Play iSyn live with the on-screen keyboard or eight drum pads for fun live jam sessions or let iSyn do the playing for you with its grid sequencer for pattern-based music creation. iSyn can even play a beat and synth track while you jam over sequence tracks for a one-man iPhone band!


Pressing the “Live” button with track 1 or 2 selected lets you play the iSyn keyboard in real time. Transpose the keyboard range up and down with the arrows above the keyboard. Dragging your finger after notes are played lets you add slides and vibrato; dragging up and down adds mod parameters for extra expression!


Press the “Live” button while the “D” (drum) track is selected to call up the Drum Pad page and bang on the eight drum pads all day!


Tap and drag to insert notes on the Sequencer Grid. The piano keyboard can be swiped up and down to transpose the note range.


iSyn features two powerful virtual analog synthesizers with the same sound quality and editability of computer-based virtual instruments. Simply tap each “building block” to access in-depth editing parameters.

iSyn can store your creations for later recall. Press the “Pattern” button to select from 32 user-programmable patterns. Each project contains its own separate set of 32 patterns. Use the “AUTO” button to automatically play patterns one after the other and create entire songs! The Sound Select page allows you to choose from 32 user-editable preset sounds. Finally, these are all assembled as complete songs on the Project page. A “project” consists of sound settings for synth tracks 1 and 2, drum track settings, effects setting and 32 patterns.

iSyn was conceived by audioMIDI.com‘s Russ Jones and Doug Edge. The design doc was drafted by Mitchell Sigman, audioMIDI’s synth nerd in residence (in other words, the “Can we make it do this?!?” list). Harry Gohs of German software developer VirSyn then took Mitchell’s crazy design doc, and miraculously brought it to life.

Mitchell and Olivia Arthur then beta-tested iSyn, beat it up, and programmed all the preset sounds and patterns.

iSyn is available now via the Apple iTunes Store for $4.99.

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