The first truly modular synthesizer for the iPhone and iPod Touch is now available from the Apple iTunes Store. Jasuto is the next generation of a modular synth experiment known as “Mode” from developer Chris Wolfe. A companion VST plug-in for Mac OS X is in early testing.

Jasuto was designed to make synth building fun and easy all while adding some unpredictability to the process. Creating an entire synth is just as easy as creating a patch. Jasuto is very flexible in terms of synthesis techniques, achieving additive, subtractive, FM/PM/AM and even hard-sync synthesis. Control and audio rate signals are unified, allowing everything to be a modulation or be modulated.

Jasuto also makes it simple and efficient to add motion to a sound. Every node on the screen can record its own motion. For instance if you wanted to create a simple LFO for a chorus effect, just grab the delays time constant, click the record button and wiggle away. After you are done recording hit stop and it will auto-magically blend the loop points for you. All motion including the step sequencer are sync-able via triggers.

The iPhone app and VST versions can communicate with each other over your WiFi network. When in this mode the app acts like a high resolution multi-touch remote controlling the VST in your host software. You can also sync patches via this method as well, giving you the ability to share them with others or just back them up.

Jasuto is available now from the Apple iTunes Store, and is priced at $0.99 for a limited time.

The VST plug-in is available from jasuto.com in early form without iPhone or MIDI support. The Mac OS X version is Universal Binary, 32-bit. An AU version is planned.

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