Yonac Software today announces the availability of MegaSynth, second in a line of iPhone and iPod Touch compatible synthesizers from the company. With its 3 true-analog-modeling VCOs, 5-note polyphony, dedicated LFOs, built-in sequencer, arpeggiator/chordmaker and recording feature, MegaSynth delivers a complete mobile synthesizer package that compromises none of that classic, luscious analog synth tone.

Developed by the same team behind the highly successful miniSynth, MegaSynth is packed with features that will keep the synth enthusiasts drooling for a good while.

  • 5-voice polyphony (max number of fingertips allowed on the iPhone is 5)
  • 3 Oscillators, 7 waveforms
  • Triad arp and chordmaker (“Chordmatic”) with 23 scales
  • 24-bucket step sequencer
  • Dual keyboards
  • Accelerometer-controlled pitch, cutoff, resonance
  • Four LFOs (filter, pitch, volume, and the 4th is an optional audible LFO)
  • Recording, wi-fi file export/import
  • Saves infinite user presets; comes with 209 factory presets
  • FX module with reverb and modulation
  • Monophonic keyboard option also included

Yonac Software was founded in New York City in 2008. The company mainly focuses on the development of music and sound related software. Yonac’s first application for the iPhone was TuneORama, a guitar tuner released in early September 2008.

MegaSynth is available now via the Apple iTunes Store for $4.99.

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