Renoise 2.1 Final has just been released. This version makes it easier to integrate Renoise with your studio and promises to make live performing a lot more interesting.

The idea behind 2.1 is that until Renoise has features like a piano-roll, an arranger and audio file streaming, you should at least be able to use them through external means. That is why they have added routing features to connect Renoise to other audio applications. With ReWire on Mac OS X and Windows, and the Jack Transport protocol on Linux, you can finally combine the best things about trackers and sequencers.


Performing live with Renoise is more flexible than ever. First of all, you can keep editing a pattern while the song continues to play. That makes it possible to do some last minute changes before playback actually reaches that pattern. Secondly, you will be able to queue patterns. When playback reaches the end of the pattern, it will ignore your pre-baked sequence and go to the blinking pattern instead. It’s like going off-road: if your audience likes it, why not take the scenic route?

To top it off they threw in a couple of new devices. The ominously named Hydra Device multiplexes movements from one slider to a maximum of 9 outputs. Mythological experts know why 9 of them. The Key-Tracking Device modulates any parameter according to an incoming note pitch. Real nice for frequency dependent effects. And finally, the MIDI-Control Device is a pimped up replacement for the MIDI CC Device. You can now send and automate several non-CC parameters to MIDI Instruments, such as Pitchbend, Channel Pressure and Program Change.

Maybe you have a different DAW of choice, but you are interested in creating music from a different point of view? With ReWire and Jack Transport, Renoise wants to excel alongside your other audio applications. They invite you to download a demo and give it a try.

Purchase Renoise for €49.00 (US $71.90) to unlock features such as rendering to .wav, rendering selections to samples, and ReWire without hiss and limited inputs. The Mac version requires OS X 10.3.9 or later, on an Intel or PowerPC CPU.

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