Audio Ease has released Cabinet, an affordable convolution-based speaker cabinet plug-in based on their popular Speakerphone collection.

Audio Ease recognizes that Speakerphone is pricey, and because it is a 6 gigabyte plug-in, there is no demo download either. So how are guitarists going to find out how Speakerphone’s magical combo of a studio recording live room the cabinet, a bunch of microphones and a spring reverb can sound?

Cabinet is the answer to that question. It shows off 5 selected cabs from Speakerphone, a good live room, the best spring reverb and a bunch of mics. All real samples, convolution based, in Audio ease’s award winning quality. Cabinet is not the ultimate shredder pre-amp, but it most definitely is the ultimate final stage for your guitar tone (and it will breathe the real world into your synths as well).

Cabinet is available now as a direct download from Audio Ease. It will run as a 30 day demo after which it costs $59/€49 to continue using. The Mac version comes in AU, VST, RTAS and MAS flavors, and requires OS X 10.4, G4 or better, 512 MB RAM, and plug-in host such as Logic or Pro Tools. Audio Ease recommends OS X 10.5, an Intel processor, and 2 GB RAM for best results.

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